Did the COVID-19 Vaccine Cause Mathew Perry’s Death?

Matthew Perry’s recent death on October 28, 2023, while sitting in his hot tub has been publicized worldwide. The news media has trumpeted his past drug addiction as a suggested cause of his early demise. But what the mass media is not discussing is the elephant in the room. Matthew Perry was a recipient, indeed, a promoter of the COVID-19 vaccines. Below is a Twitter post by Perry promoting the COVID-19 vaccine. In the Twitter post hawks the sale of his T-shirt promoting the COVID-19 vaccine: “Could I BE Any More Vaccinated? Get your shot and then get your shirt. Shop the entire collection at http://represent.com/matthewperry Only available for a limited time.”

Kandiss Taylor explains the significance of the correlation between Matthew Perry’s death and the COVID-19 vaccines with which he was injected.

Not a conspiracy when it is TRUTH. Correlation doesn’t lie. That’s what ALL research does to find significance.

Stop being offended and get on your knees and pray for healing! Find Jesus. He paid for ALL sickness. Healing is in Him.

Matthew Perry’s death appears suspiciously like cardiac arrest. Indeed, first responders reportedly rushed over to his house “on a call for cardiac arrest.” The cause of cardiac arrest is oftentimes myocarditis. Peter McCullough, M.D., and Dr. Jessica Rose, Ph.D., researched the sudden appearance of myocarditis in young people. Dr. McCullough is a highly-published world-renowned cardiologist, and Dr. Rose is a Canadian researcher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Immunology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She also holds a Ph.D. in Computational Biology from Bar Ilan University and two post-doctoral degrees: one in Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and one in Biochemistry from the Technion Institute of Technology. Drs. McCullough and Rose determined that the COVID-19 vaccines caused myocarditis. Myocarditis is caused by vaccine-induced blood clotting. The mechanism for the COVID-19 vaccine causing myocarditis and other organ damage is blood clotting caused by the spike protein generated by the cells coded with the mRNA from the COVID-19 vaccine. While their study focused on young people, their conclusions also apply to the population as a whole. The October 1, 2021, McCullough & Rose report revealed the following startling facts.

Within 8 weeks of the public offering of COVID-19 products to the 12-15-year-old age group, we found 19 times the expected number of myocarditis cases in the vaccination volunteers over background myocarditis rates for this age group.

The McCullough & Rose report caused quite a stir in the medical community. After the preliminary draft of their report was peer-reviewed and approved for publication, it was posted by the publisher on its NIH website. Shortly thereafter, the publisher, Elsevier, without giving a reason, suddenly withdrew the publication. Dr. McCullough is reportedly pursuing legal action against Elsevier for its unlawful actions. The cover-up of the COVID-19 vaccine deaths continues.

On October 7, 2022, Dr. Ladpapo, M.D., Ph.D., in his capacity as Florida Surgeon General, contradicted the U.S. CDC and announced that the risks of COVID-19 vaccines outweigh the benefits for 18 to 39-year-old males. He came to that conclusion based on a scientific study of the mortality risk of the COVID-19 vaccines. That study “found there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.

While correlation is not necessarily proof of causation, it is an important and necessary element in proving causation. Correlation is a prerequisite to proving causation.  Applying the Bradford-Hill criteria to the all-cause mortality increases among the vaccinated population reveals evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are killing people. Matthew Perry’s death is one of the tragedies that are hidden within the all-cause mortality statistics.  Below is an excerpt from Vaccine Danger Quackery and Sin that gives a detailed explanation of how applying the Bradford-Hill criteria to the increase in all-cause mortality among the vaccinated population reveals how the COVID-19 vaccines are killing people.

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  1. That lying limited hangout, Peter McCullough, M.D., also claims they isolated the Sars Cov-19 virus, he says it exists, and pushes germ theory. You don’t have to be a “Dr” to know that vaccines are poisons and meant to cause health problems, disease, or death.

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