Wearing a Mask Reduces Oxygen Intake and Makes One Susceptible to COVID-19 and Cancer

It is an established fact that wearing a face mask reduces oxygen intake (and it also increases the intake of carbon dioxide). Reducing oxygen intake in turn reduces the oxygen in the blood, which makes one susceptible to disease, including COVID-19 and Cancer.

Nobel Laureate Discovers that Low Oxygen is the Cause of Cancer

Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the cause and cure for cancer. In 1926 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physiology for his cancer research. In 1931, he received the Nobel Prize in physiology for his related work on the ‘discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme.’ “The award came after receiving 46 nominations over a period of nine years beginning in 1923, 13 of which were submitted in 1931, the year he won the prize.” Nobel Prize Nomination Database – Physiology or Medicine.

Dr. Warburg concluded that “cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. Otto H. Warburg.” Biographical Sketch: Otto Heinrich Warburg, Ph.D., MD.

Dr. Warburg studied the metabolism of cancer tumors and the respiration of normal cells. He discovered normal cells have respiratory enzymes that allow the cell to turn oxygen into energy. However, if there is a low oxygen environment, the cells will be damaged. In order to survive in the low oxygen environment, the cells will “devolve” into simple cells that convert energy, not from oxygen, but from fermentation. The cells will use the fermentation mechanism to convert body sugars (glucose) into a weak form of energy. That conversion from cells that turns oxygen into energy to cells that turns sugar into energy is a defense mechanism that allows the cells to survive in a low-oxygen environment. The cancer cells cease to do anything else beneficial for the body. They are only trying to survive and in that state they do the only thing they are capable of doing, growing.

The cause of cancer is a low oxygen environment. A low oxygen environment is caused by environmental toxicity that raises the acidity of the body, which can be caused by a number of factors, including, but not limited to, poor diet. The remedy is to raise the PH of the body through a proper diet and homeopathic herbs and vitamins, thus increasing the oxygen level; this supports the immune system and destroys the cancer cells. However, Warburg’s discovery does not make any money for the patent medicine firms and so it has been relegated to obscurity.

Dr. Otto Warburg was a brilliant research scientist whose accomplishments are honored by having the highest award for biochemistry and molecular biology in Germany named after him, the Otto Warburg Medal. Unfortunately, Dr. Warburg’s discovery of the cure for cancer has been hidden from the world. Below is a speech by Dr. Warburg delivered to fellow Nobel Laureates.

Dr. Otto Warburg
The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer
Lecture delivered to Nobel Laureates on June 30, 1966, at Lindau, Lake Constance, Germany

There are prime and secondary causes of diseases. For example, the prime cause of the plague is the plague bacillus, but secondary causes of the plague are filth, rats, and the fleas that transfer the plague bacillus from rats to man. By the prime cause of a disease, I mean one that is found in every case of the disease.

Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. Almost anything can cause cancer. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen (oxidation of sugar) in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar.

All normal body cells meet their energy needs by respiration of oxygen, whereas cancer cells meet their energy needs in great part by fermentation. All normal body cells are thus obligate aerobes, whereas all cancer cells are partial anaerobes. From the standpoint of the physics and chemistry of life this difference between normal and cancer cells is so great that one can scarcely picture a greater difference. Oxygen gas, the donor of energy in plants and animals, is dethroned in the cancer cells and replaced by the energy yielding reaction of the lowest living forms, namely the fermentation of sugar.

In every case, during the cancer development, the oxygen respiration always falls, fermentation appears, and the highly differentiated cells are transformed into fermenting anaerobes, which have lost all their body functions and retain only the now useless property of growth and replication. Thus, when respiration disappears, life does not disappear, but the meaning of life disappears, and what remains are growing machines that destroy the body in which they grow.

All carcinogens impair respiration directly or indirectly by deranging capillary circulation, a statement that is proven by the fact that no cancer cell exists without exhibiting impaired respiration. Of course, respiration cannot be repaired if it is impaired at the same time by a carcinogen.

To prevent cancer it is therefore proposed first to keep the speed of the blood stream so high that the venous blood still contains sufficient oxygen; second, to keep high the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood; third, to add always to the food, even of healthy people, the active groups of the respiratory enzymes; and to increase the doses of these groups, if a precancerous state has already developed. If at the same time exogenous carcinogens are excluded rigorously, then much of the endogenous cancer may be prevented today.

These proposals are in no way utopian. On the contrary, they may be realized by everybody, everywhere, at any hour. Unlike the prevention of many other diseases, the prevention of cancer requires no government help, and not much money.

Many experts agree that one could prevent about 80% of all cancers in man, if one could keep away the known carcinogens from the normal body cells. But how can the remaining 20%, the so-called spontaneous cancers, be prevented? It is indisputable that all cancer could be prevented if the respiration of body cells were kept intact.

Nobody today can say that one does not know what the prime cause of cancer is. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse for avoiding measures for prevention. That the prevention of cancer will come there is no doubt. But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the meantime, millions of men and women must die of cancer unnecessarily.

Dr. Otto Warburg

Wearing a Mask over the Mouth and Nose Reduces Oxygen Intake Setting up the Wearer for a Higher Risk of COVID-19 and Cancer

Dr. Russel Blaylock is a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, and lecturer. Dr. Blaylock states that “[w]hile most agree that the N95 mask can cause significant hypoxia [reduction in blood oxygenation] and hypercapnia [elevation of CO2 in the blood], another study of surgical masks found significant reductions in blood oxygen as well. In this study, researchers examined the blood oxygen levels in 53 surgeons using an oximeter. They measured blood oxygenation before surgery as well as at the end of surgeries. The researchers found that the mask reduced the blood oxygen levels (pa02) significantly. The longer the duration of wearing the mask, the greater the fall in blood oxygen levels.”

Dr. Blaylock points out that “the importance of these findings is that a drop in oxygen levels (hypoxia) is associated with an impairment in immunity. Studies have shown that hypoxia can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections called the CD4+ T-lymphocyte. This occurs because the hypoxia increases the level of a compound called hypoxia inducible factor-1 (HIF-1), which inhibits T-lymphocytes and stimulates a powerful immune inhibitor cell called the Tregs. This sets the stage for contracting any infection, including COVID-19 and making the consequences of that infection much graver. In essence, your mask may very well put you at an increased risk of infections and if so, having a much worse outcome.”

Dr. Blaylock specifically cites cancer as a risk of wearing a mask. Indeed, this has been known since Otto Warburg’s discovery in 1931, and it has been confirmed by subsequent studies that a reduction in oxygen level in the body increases the risk of cancer.

In a research study by Dr. Blaylock that was published by the National Institute of Health (NIH), Dr. Blaylock states that “[i]t is now known that angiogenesis [in cancer cells] is an early process and is driven by hypoxia.” Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels. Angiogenesis is “a hallmark of cancer, being necessary for both the growth (progression) and spread (metastasis) of cancer.” Dr. Blaylock further found that “[h]ypoxia is also known to increase expression of CXCR4, which stimulates tumor cell migration and is associated with highly aggressive tumors and a poor prognosis.”

Dr. Blaylock states that “[p]eople with cancer, especially if the cancer has spread, will be at a further risk from prolonged hypoxia as the cancer grows best in a microenvironment that is low in oxygen. Low oxygen also promotes inflammation which can promote the growth, invasion and spread of cancers.  Dr. Blaylock’s findings confirm the discovery made by Nobel Laureate Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931.

Dr. Blaylock has further found that “[r]epeated episodes of hypoxia has been proposed as a significant factor in atherosclerosis and hence increases all cardiovascular (heart attacks) and cerebrovascular (strokes) diseases.”

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Vernon Johnson’s baking soda remedy is based upon Warburg’s methods. A doctor’s first obligation is to do no harm. There are no harmful side effects to using baking soda and maple syrup. The worst thing that can happen is that you will be drinking a disgustingly tasting concoction. At best, it could cure your cancer.

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