Male Nurse Filmed Faking Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine Via an Empty Syringe

A person identified by KFox14 News as a male-nurse at the University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas, is filmed during a media event purportedly receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. The problem is that it can be clearly seen that the syringe is empty.  The plunger on the syringe is already depressed to the bottom, as is the case with all new syringes taken from its sterile package. There is clearly no vaccine in the syringe. Why would they do that? What does the nurse know about the vaccine that caused him only to pretend to get the vaccine? Obviously, the nurse wants nothing to do with the experimental COVID-19 Vaccine.

Keep in mind this is a media event. It is designed to convince the public that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective. Clearly, this male nurse does not think it is safe or effective.

What was the explanation from the medical center? This is their official explanation as published by KFox14 News:

“After numerous reports emerged on social media claiming one of the five nurses receiving a vaccination on Tuesday did not receive a full dose of vaccine, we want to remove any doubt raised that he was not fully vaccinated and further strengthen confidence in the vaccination process.”

“The nurse in question today was vaccinated again. UMC has confirmed with the US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) that re-vaccinating the nurse will not cause adverse effects. The nurse will need to return after three weeks to receive his second dose.”

Now, read the obfuscation by the medical center. They made the following points:

1) The medical center claims that the nurse did not receive a full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. That is a misrepresentation. In fact, the nurse received no (zero) dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. It was a pretend vaccination. Nothing was injected into his arm. He was stuck with a needle from an empty syringe.

2) The medical center wants “to remove any doubt raised that he was not fully vaccinated.” How would they do that when he clearly did not receive a vaccination while the cameras were rolling? That brings us to the third point.

3) “The nurse in question today was vaccinated again.” The medical center claims that the nurse was vaccinated “again.” That suggests that he was vaccinated the first time while on camera. Indeed, the medical center represents that they “re-vaccinating the nurse.” That is yet another misrepresentation. If he was vaccinated later, it was not “again,” he would not have been “re-vaccinated;” it would have been the first time he was vaccinated.

4) This claimed later vaccination of the nurse was being done to “further strengthen confidence in the vaccination process.” That is the whole point of the calling in the media to film the vaccination. It was done to prove the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. All it did was reveal to the world that at least one trained nurse thinks the experimental COVID-19 vaccine is so unsafe and ineffective that he arranged to have a fake vaccination.

There are many examples of health officials being caught getting fake vaccinations. For example, Macedonia Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce admitted that the publicity stunt of him holding his baby niece while she received an alleged MMR vaccination was fake. The public was clued into the fake because the syringe still had the green safety cap attached.

The video below shows Ontario’s Minister of Health, Christine Elliot, in October 2019 receiving a phony flu vaccination.

Ontario Minister of Health pretends to get flu shot on TV 2019

Below is just one of the many side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.