Eyewitness Proof That People Were Intentionally Trapped to Prevent Their Escape from the Lahaina Immolation

Below is the shocking testimony of Ann Williams before the Disaster, Resilience, International Affairs, Planning Committee of the Maui County Council. Williams once lived at the now-destroyed house at 457 Lahainaluna Road in Lahaina, Hawaii. She explains how the people fleeing Lahaina were intentionally trapped in the city to prevent them from fleeing the imminent immolation of Lahaina. From what she saw, Williams concluded that “it’s obvious we were intentionally trapped.” The Lahaina immolation was intended to kill as many residents as possible. The cover story for preventing people from gaining access to roads out of the city was the danger of electrocutions from downed power lines. There are two problems with that argument. 1) The power company had shut down power to Lahaina shortly after 9:00 a.m. that morning. The police command knew this. Thus, there was no danger of electrocution in the afternoon when people were fleeing the city. And 2) there were no power lines down on the main highway going north out of Lahaina. Nonetheless. police blocked access to that highway ensuring that people would be trapped and killed in Lahaina. Ann Williams stated, in pertinent part:

We did Escape out the Fleming’s Chart House exit to go north. We went North free sailing at that point after Flemings, got out there, they hadn’t blockaded us yet. I was one of the lucky few that got out that way. No power lines whatsoever. It was a safe exit all the way North and we got to Honokowai that way. After me though they decided to block it. And there were still no power lines down because I did come out the next morning and I saw the death trap. It was where there were no power lines still yet the following morning. Everybody could have gotten out. Everybody could have gotten out. It was free sailing going north. But the police officer there quote unquote from direct other residents who talked to him were walking, saw all the cars stopped. They finally walked all the way up to the front at the exit; policemen standing there and the guy said to the policeman there’s a fire, the fire is coming, you got to let these people go. [The policeman responds,] “I’ve got orders.” We need to investigate that. Who is giving these cops orders? I mean if the police officer might be taking orders. It’s not his fault personally. But there’s somebody above him that did this and they need to investigate that. And then John said the far end of Front Street was blocked, bringing him in that way, and then blocked this way. It’s obvious we were intentionally trapped. And I hope that this gets investigated further. And I have the eyewitnesses who have spoken to that cop directly. Thank you.

Testimony of Ann Williams

Ann Williams’ testimony is corroborated by another eyewitnesses, who goes by the nickname, “Fish.” He stated that police blocked traffic to prevent residents from fleeing the immolation of Lahaina. There was no logical reason for the police to block cars fleeing the destruction of the city other than to ensure as many people died as possible. The witness describes the actions of the police as “a combination of stupid and evil.”

The video of that witness’ account has since been made private on YouTube. However, another video of his account of the police blockade can be found below.

Ann Williams’ and Fish’s testimony sheds light on the experience of Jonathan Herzog. Herzog’s video below reveals how police kept rerouting traffic in a circle through Lahaina in a way that prevented the people from leaving Lahaina as the city was being immolated. As you watch the video, keep in mind that the police had continuous radio communication with their command center, which is orchestrating the traffic around Lahaina. Although electrical power was down, the police station had backup generators to power the command center. Nobody knows the streets of the city better than the police department. The command center had the big picture. This was not a mistake. The command center knew that the rerouting of the drivers in a loop through Lahaina corralled the drivers so that they could not leave Lahaina.

Herzog’s video starts on the morning of August 8, 2023, as he is leaving Lahaina to drive north to Napili. But he was prevented from leaving by a police blockade of the road.

The video picks up again at 2:56 p.m. when he decides to travel south to Kihei. At the 2:41 mark in the video, he is driving southbound on Front Street in Lahaina. But at the 2:50 mark in the video, we see him driving northbound, he puts a caption indicating that “THEY KEPT DETOURING US IN CIRCLES AND THEN I START TO SEE SMOKE.”  At the 3:17 mark in the video, we see that he is back traveling southbound on E 30 passing Dickenson Street.

At the 4:50 mark in the video, we then found him rerouted to drive northbound on Front Street. At the 5:22 mark in the video, he is once again traveling southbound (probably on E 30) passing the intersection of Papalaua Street. At the 6:50 mark in the video, he is traveling southbound, he sees the billowing smoke behind him and comments that there is a fire behind him and he is trying to get away from the area. But at the 7:30 mark in the video, he is rerouted to northbound Front Street for the second time, which is right back into the fire that he saw earlier. He soon realizes the peril he has been guided into. As the smoke approaches closer and closer he decides to park his car at Kingdom Hall and walk to the boat landing and pier. He eventually walks northbound along Front Street and out of Lahaina to safety. How many of the people who got trapped in their cars on Front Street did not make it?


Jonathan Herzog’s Lahaina Escape
Remnants of destroyed cars on Front Street that were caught in the traffic jam caused by a police blockade. The reporter states that the passengers fled their cars. But did they? How does he know? A directed energy weapon could have caught the passengers by surprise. If they were struck with a directed energy weapon, they would have been immolated as they sat in their cars.

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  1. That this land grab and all the rest is getting swept under the rug with nary an inquisitive peep from a complicit MSM is an abomination. But no surprise there. There are so many daily assaults on our liberties and good welfare, people can barely recover or fight back against the maelstrom, it’s one torpedo after another. Always some new form of scorched earth to accelerate the “great reset” that ultimately seeks to remove humanity into penal colonies run by the controllers (not unlike our major cities, everyone stuffed into a few square miles like sardines and manipulated by installed satraps, while vast tracts of lands are stolen by the Chinese, celebrities, corporations and Bill Gates). All along the way, various forms of pogroms before, during and after, all culminating to leave very little of God’s green earth available for the few progeny of Adam and Eve that remain to serve their despotic masters. Etc.

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