Virginia Government Plans to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations


Think about that for a minute. The Virginia State Health Commissioner has gone on record stating that he will mandate a COVID-19 vaccine before there has been a vaccine that has even been a COVID-19 vaccine developed. He does not know when the vaccine will be developed, and he does not even know if it will be safe or effective. Yet, he is announcing that he will mandate an as yet non-existent vaccine as soon as it is put on the market. He will not scrutinize the studies for safety or effectiveness. He plans on believing the manufacturers regarding the efficacy of their testing. He is a doctor who plans to mandate a vaccine, but he knows nothing about the safety or the effectiveness of the vaccine that he will mandate. Regardless of whether the vaccine is unsafe or ineffective, he plans on mandating Virginians to be vaccinated.

How is he going to mandate it? What will be the penalty for not taking his proposed mandatory vaccine? Oliver stated that “[h]e doesn’t know what the punishment would be for non-compliance but expects that most people will respond well to the mandate.” Dr. Olliver is an unelected technocrat. Somehow, he has now been given the authority to mandate vaccinations and to determine the penalty for failure to abide by his commands. That is plain and simple tyranny.

Make no mistake about it, there will be a punishment for not getting the vaccine. By the way, the religious exemption for the vaccine that is otherwise allowed under Virginia law is not allowed for a COVID-19 vaccine because the COVID-19 vaccine is considered an emergency health measure. There will only be a medical exemption allowed for the mandatory vaccine. 

There is a move afoot in the Virginia legislature to allow for a religious exemption to the proposed COVID-19 vaccine; Dr. Oliver vociferously opposes such an exemption.  “Oliver believes that, in the case of COVID-19, public health takes precedent over choice.”

Oliver states that “[w]e would not launch a campaign around mass vaccination with anything that hasn’t proven to be safe.” But that is just what he has done. He just made a public announcement that as soon as a vaccine is developed and made available to the public he plans to mandate that every man, woman, and child in Virginia be vaccinated under penalty of law.  Dr. Oliver has made that announcement without knowing if any vaccine in development will be safe or effective, and in light of evidence during trials for the leading COVID-19 vaccine candidate made by Moderna indicating it is unsafe.

In the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine observational test, one of the 15 test subjects in the low-dosage test group got so sick from the experimental vaccine he had to be hospitalized. In the high-dosage test group, 3 people out of 15 got so sick they had to be hospitalized. Interesting that when the New England Journal of Medicine reported the test results, it made no mention of the hospitalizations. When you read the actual study report, you can see that the adverse side effects of pain, myalgia, headache, chills, fatigue, localized symptoms, and systemic symptoms were felt by 80% or more of test subjects for the higher dosages during the second vaccination. And those are only the short term symptoms. Who knows what the long term effects of a COVID-19 vaccine will be.

The pharmaceutical companies rig the results of the studies so that if a person has severe side effects they will be removed from the study. In the Moderna study, they removed a person from the vaccine study because the vaccine caused the person to develop hives. Nonetheless, they are going ahead with the plans to manufacture two billion doses of that dangerous COVID-19 vaccine.

On July 22, 2020, Jared S. Hopkins and Chris Wack writing for the Wall Street Journal reported that “[t]he U.S. has agreed to pay Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE nearly $2 billion to secure 100 million doses of their experimental Covid-19 vaccine to provide to Americans free of charge.”

The context for that announcement to pay $billions must be understood. Neither Pfizer nor BioNTech nor any other pharmaceutical company has yet proven that their proposed vaccines are safe or effective. It seems that the government and drug companies do not care. We are going to be vaccinated regardless.

Hopkins and Wack reveal some important details. The U.S. Government has also agreed to acquire an additional 500 million vaccine doses. That is despite the fact, as reported by Hopkins and Wack, that “[n]o Covid-19 vaccine in development has proven to work safely yet, although dozens are being studied.”

So, not a single vaccine under development has been proven safe, and yet the U.S. government, and other governments throughout the world, are throwing money at pharmaceutical companies under agreements to purchase billions of dollars worth of COVID-19 vaccines that have not even been proven safe or effective. That is astounding!

Adding insult to injury, we have technocrats like Dr. Oliver who are laying plans before the vaccines hit the market to force citizens to be injected with these vaccines without even knowing whether they will be proven to be safe or effective or what the side effects of the vaccines will be. That is simply astounding!

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