They Are Impeaching Trump in Order to Put an End to the Voter Fraud Investigation

I pondered the impeachment proceeding against Donald Trump. It seems to make no sense to impeach a person after they have left office. Donald Trump has left office and is no longer President of the United States. Then it hit me. The evidence is clear that the election was stolen. The election fraud has been discovered. It may take several years for all of the evidence to come out, but it will come out.

What is to be done if the American people become generally knowledgeable about the election fraud? The state legislatures could call for a recasting of their electors. “President” Biden would lose legitimacy. The representatives in Congress will be pressured to call for a new vote of electors. It would cause a constitutional crisis with the prospect of Trump being elected President.

But the most pressing concern of the deep state is the continuation of the voter fraud investigations. The remaining legitimacy of the Trump victory is what is driving the voter fraud investigations. And rendering Trump ineligible to hold office will end the election fraud investigations. There would be no point in pushing investigations into voter fraud if Trump is ineligible to take office.

Article 1, section 3 of the United States Constitution provides, in pertinent part:

Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States.

That is what Congress is shooting for. They want to disqualify Donald Trump from taking office as President if the voter fraud is proven. The evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming and so they know it will be proven. Once they remove that prize of electing Donal Trump from those still working on election fraud investigations, the efforts to prove the fraud will fizzle out. Indeed, it could be argued that any investigations in state legislatures would allegedly become moot since Donald Trump would not be eligible to take office. That is the argument, no doubt, the deep state would make.

That is related to why Dominion Systems is suing Rudy Guiliani and Sidney Powell for a billion dollars each. Dominion has little chance of winning and much to lose from the litigation discovery process. But their goal is not to win. Dominion will do all they can to stall discovery and pull all kinds of shenanigans during the litigation. Remember, this is a company that committed fraud in the elections. Don’ think that they will suddenly change their stripes and play fair in court.

Dominion simply wants to sideline Guiliani and Powell from pursuing their litigation and efforts before state legislatures to prove the voter fraud. The lawsuit also serves the purpose of stopping Guiliani and Powell from making any more public pronouncements about the Dominion software facilitating the stealing of the 2020 Presidential election. The whole idea behind Dominion suing them is to burden them with a vexatious lawsuit, and thus distract them from their mission of proving and publically revealing election fraud by means of the Dominion voting machines. Once the lawsuit has served its purpose it will be quietly dismissed or “settled” on favorable terms for both Guiliani and Powell, who will be relieved to see it go away. The mainstream media that trumpeted the lawsuit when it was filed will not publicize its dismissal.

The concern of the deep state is to stop the inquiry into voter fraud. If you listen closely to what some in Congress were saying about impeaching Donald Trump, you will hear that they were concerned about his contention that the election was rigged.

On January 7, 2021, Andrew Solender and Nicholas Reimann reported for Forbes Magazine that Congressman Paul “Mitchell left the Republican party in December over Trump’s efforts to overturn the election and retired from Congress this year.” Mitchell is from Michigan. He, of all people, knows that the vote was rigged. Yet with that knowledge, what did Mitchell say about removing Trump from office? Forbes reported:

Mitchell said Trump “either fails to recognize or doesn’t care about the risk his statements make to the nation,” and that Trump “should step down or be removed” by Mike Pence and the Cabinet through the 25th Amendment.

Asked if he believes any more of his former GOP House colleagues will support removal, Mitchell said: “I can only hope members begin to recognize our democracy, our constitution, is more important than their political futures.”

Another Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) also called for Trump’s removal. His reasoning paralleled Mitchell’s. Forbes Magazine reported:

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) , a vocal opponent of Trump’s efforts to overturn the election, said Trump is “unfit” and “unwell,” claiming he has “become unmoored, not just from his duty or even his oath, but from reality itself” and calling for him to be removed by the 25th Amendment.

Notice the common concern of bother Mitchell and Kinzinger. They were concerned about Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. They did not care that the Capitol Building was stormed. The deep state set that up; it was an inside job. That is just their excuse for the impeachment. The deep state wants to put an end to the election fraud inquiry. The deep state is concerned over what Trump said on January 6, 2021, about the election fraud. The deep state controls the elections and they don’t want to lose that.

The evidence supports the overturning of the election. There was clear voter fraud. That can be proven simply enough by presenting the evidence of voter fraud to the state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Doing that avoids the vicissitudes of a single judge.

The state representatives would be held accountable by the electorate. And it would put an end to the obvious voter fraud. Each legislature would put into place safeguards that would prevent that from happening again. The other states would sit up and take notice. The deep state cannot allow the steady drip of information of voter fraud to be generally known.

The fraudsters want to put an end to the voter fraud inquiry. The best way to do that is to impeach Trump. Once they take away the prize from the patriots, the effort to overturn the election will end. They are desperate to stop any further inquiry into the election fraud. There are many now sitting in Congress who know that they are only there because their elections were rigged. Pulling on the election fraud string of evidence will unwind the legitimacy of many who now hold elected office in Congress.

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  1. By conducting a fraudulent election against Trump, it is of great concern that those in power for their own self gain have tarnished the image of the United States as a nation that abides by laws and common decency.

  2. Thank you Edward for yet another well written and concise expose. You are absolutely right, but I would submit there is another primal Deep State “motive” here as well. It is to impeach and castigate (via the controlled MSM) the 80 million+ WHITE CHRISTIAN NATIONALISTS that dare to don “MAGA” hats and take to the streets. Why is it such a capital sin these days to be a “nationalist”? To put America First? Because such is in direct opposition to the GLOBALIST agenda – and the Communist-Run “New Order” – aka the “Great Reset”.

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