Time-Lapse Photos of the North Star Prove The Earth Is Stationary

Below is an excerpt from The Sphere of Influence by Edward Hendrie.

If the earth were spinning, a person looking at the North star from 45.7̊ North Latitude would see all of the stars traveling in an arc across the sky in a westerly direction. If the earth were a spinning globe, the stars could not travel in opposite directions, as we can see is happening in the time-lapse photograph. The picture below impeaches the heliocentric myth. If one is standing anywhere not on the axis of a globe, stars cannot appear to travel across the sky in one direction and other stars appear to move in the opposite direction if the star movement is based upon the fact that the earth is supposed to be spinning on an axis in one direction. It is impossible. The time-lapse picture below proves that the heliocentric model is an elaborate deception.

Please note that, while the stars appear to completely circle the North Star, in fact, each star is only traveling in an arc that is approximately 180º. The time-lapse makes it appear that the stars are going in a complete circle around the North Star. But it only appears that way because there are so many stars. No single star has traveled more than 180º during the 11.5-hour time-lapse period.

If the earth were a sphere spinning eastward, the heliocentric model would require a time-lapse picture of the North Star to be in a fixed position in the sky in perfect synchronization with the spin of the earth. That is because the North Star is fixed above the North Pole, which is supposed to be the axis of the earth’s spin. Thus, the heliocentric model requires that at all latitudes south of the North Pole the North Star would remain fixed in position over every location on the allegedly spinning earth. That means that the North Star would appear to the camera not to be moving. That is in fact what we see in time-lapse pictures. So-far-so-good for the heliocentric model.

The fly in the ointment for the heliocentric model is that if the earth were in fact spinning, the other stars in a time-lapse picture taken south of the North Pole would create star trail arcs that would appear to be moving across the sky only in a direction opposite the spin of the earth. But that is not what we see. Instead, in actual time-lapse pictures of the North Star, the other stars leave circular star trails around the stationary North Star. That means that some of the stars are traveling in the same direction as the supposed spin of the earth. That is impossible under the heliocentric model. If the earth were spinning, there would be no way for any stars to leave star trails going in the same direction as the spin of the earth. The diagram below illustrates what the star trails in a time-lapse picture taken by a camera south of the North Pole pointed at the North Star should look like if the earth were a spinning globe.

The ubiquitous time-lapse photographs taken south of the North Pole showing star trails circling the North Star are proof that the earth is not spinning underneath the stars but rather that those stars are circling the North Star over a stationary earth.

Every scientific experiment ever conducted has confirmed what the above time-lapse picture shows, that the earth is stationary and the stars move over the earth. George Airy in 1871 conducted the most notable experiment that proved that the stars move over a stationary earth. Airy’s experiment is popularly known in the scientific community as “Airy’s failure” because his experiment proved that the earth does not move, which was the opposite of the expected outcome. George Airy’s experiment determined with scientific certainty that in fact, it was the ether carrying the stars that was moving over the earth and that the earth was stationary. Dr. Neville Thomas Jones, Ph.D., explains that “George Airy proved that the world was stationary and the stars are moving.”

Airy’s failure was followed in 1887 by the precise and irrefutable experiment conducted by physicist Albert A. Michelson (1852 – 1931) and chemist E. W. Morley (1838 – 1923). The Michelson/Morley experiment, using an interferometer, which measured light rays, established that the earth is stationary. That experiment so shook the scientific community (imbued with heliocentricity) that it was forced to change the laws of physics to explain it away. The new laws of physics were nurtured within the umbra of the theory of relativity. The rise of Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity are explained in detail in this author’s book, The Greatest Lie on Earth (Expanded Edition).

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  1. I am fully aware if out stationary plane and the firmament described in Genesis 1. I believe I mentioned to you that i can crack the window shade in my bedroom anytime after dark and the north star is centered in a he tiny glass pane. It matters not if it’s 9 am or 5am Polaris is always tight there as it has been for 18 years I’ve been doing it. This makes a spinning globe theory impossible.

  2. This is excellent and shows yet one more proof NASA has created an enormous lie. But no matter how much evidence you present, to the world they will always believe, because heliocentriascity is a belief system. A belief system that deceiveth the whole world. If a government can control the mind of billions of people all over the world then they control world. People need to wake up. True knowledge will become abundant, (Dan 12:1 to 3), and as Peter said, ‘ gird up the loins of your mind ‘and, and this has already started. I have just released new book, ASRONOMY, SCIENCE OR FAKE SCIENCE. Amazon kindle. A free PDF is available on request. Glenn Harrison, retired physics teacher, uk

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