Chlorine Dioxide is a Safe and Effective Treatment for Malaria and Autism

Chlorine Dioxide is a beneficial relatively benign chemical with few side effects. It has been proven safe and effective in CURING malaria.
Jim Humble’s website has been taken down and his videos have been deleted from YouTube. That is why the above link is to the WayBack Machine archive of his former website. Chlorine dioxide (MMS) testimonials can be found on BitChute.
His other videos can be viewed at the following link:
Chlorine Dioxide is sometimes called MMS, which stands for ‘master mineral solution’ or sometimes ‘miracle mineral solution’. It is a solution of sodium chlorite in water.
But the FDA has come out stridently against it. The FDA deceptively calls it “a powerful bleaching agent.”  What they don’t tell you is that the dosage is 1/4,000 of the strength used in any cleaner. Table salt is sodium chloride and it often contains potassium iodide, both of which are deadly in high dosages. But no one is warning against table salt because so little is sprinkled on our food. The FDA is engaging in deceptive scare tactics. Notice, that the FDA does not report that of the thousands of people who regularly use chlorine dioxide there has not been a single reported death. Can they say that for the many drugs that they have approved as being safe and effective, like Vioxx, which caused 28,000 heart attacks?
The sin of chlorine dioxide in the eyes of the FDA is that it is inexpensive and it directly competes with the patent medicines that cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.
Chlorine dioxide could be a safe and effective (and cost-effective) treatment for all sorts of illnesses, including COVID-19. Sure enough, the FDA has posted a warning about chlorine dioxide claiming it is a fraudulent and dangerous treatment for COVID-19.
Do your own research. The FDA is so clearly compromised that a warning from the FDA has almost become like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval in favor of the treatment alleged to be dangerous by the FDA.

Chlorine dioxide was shown to be beneficial in the treatment of COVID-19, making negative RT-PCR at 7 days in one hundred percent of the patients who took it during the clinical study, rapidly mitigating their symptoms associated with this disease, and significantly reducing the laboratory parameters to normal in a space of 14 to 21 days.

In addition, the researchers observed that patients who consumed chlorine dioxide as a treatment for COVID-19 also substantially reduced post-illness symptoms, compared to patients not treated with ClO2.

Below is a backup video on BitChute for the eventuality that YouTube deletes the above video.

Below is a backup video on BitChute for the eventuality that YouTube deletes the above video.

A blogger named Myles Power disputes the proof that chlorine dioxide cures malaria.

The gravamen of his disputation is the use of a screening tests for malaria depicted in the above videos. Power states: “Put simply, these tests should only be used for screening and any positive result must be confirmed with an alternative method.”

But there was an alternative method. Power even acknowledges this. He explains that “those who tested positive using rapid screening test are sent to a lab for a blood smear.” 

But Power tries to undermine this confirmatory test by claiming the test is “quite clearly being used to determine how much MMS to give to a patient rather than being used to detect false positives.” That is conjecture on his part. It turns out that his belief is wrong because he later describes what the test did. The purpose of the blood smear was to “count the number of malarial parasites under the microscope.” That is a confirmatory test. Simple Because the confirmatory test also quantifies the degree of malaria, and thus, the dose of chlorine dioxide is beside the point.

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