Fake Facebook Whistleblower

Frances Haugen, the Facebook alleged whistleblower, seems to be not truly a whistleblower at all. She is being portrayed as a whistleblower, but she seems to be more of a glyph whose real mission is to call for more censorship. She calls for reform at Facebook not to stop its rampant censorship of conservative and Christian messages but to increase censorship. Whenever the government, or any institution, tries to sneak in a trojan horse to take away our liberty, they often do it by using the excuse of looking out for the safety of children.  That appears to be the approach of Haugen and her accomplices. They are surreptitiously trying to slip in more government restrictions on liberty, and in this case, censorship, based on the premise that it is a way to protect children.

Instead of suffering ostracization and persecution, as is the recompense for most whistleblowers, Haugen was feted by powerful liberal politicians and the mainstream media. Her sudden appearance before the U.S. Congress and later interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes in short succession suggests that powerful interests want her message to be heard.

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