Parsing the Dystopian Vaccine Mandate Speech From President Biden

  1. President Joseph Biden issued a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all executive branch workers.
  2. He claimed his reason was to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  3. But he admitted in his announcement that the vaccines he is mandating do not stop the spread of COVID-19.

On July 29, 2021, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced the following:

[E]very federal government employee will be asked to attest to their vaccination status. Anyone who does not attest or is not vaccinated will be required to mask no matter where they work; test one or two times a week to see if they have a — they have acquired COVID; socially distance; and generally will not be allowed to travel for work.

Before the President put his July 19, 2021, order into effect, he issued a superseding order on September 9, 2021, requiring all federal workers and contractors to be vaccinated with one of the COVID-19 vaccines. He did not announce any exemptions to that requirement. In his announcement, he mischaracterized the COVID-19 vaccines as “safe, effective, and free.” President Biden stated:

If you want to work with the federal government and do business with us, get vaccinated. If you want to do business with the federal government, vaccinate your workforce.

President Biden gave the reason for his order. That reason is to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It is essential that Federal employees take all available steps to protect themselves and avoid spreading COVID-19 to their co-workers and members of the public. The CDC has found that the best way to do so is to be vaccinated.

President Biden suggests by that statement that a vaccinated person cannot be infected with COVID-19 or spread that disease to others. But the evidence is now in that the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or spread of the COVID-19. Indeed, President Biden knows it is not true that a vaccinated person is protected from being infected and spreading COIVD-19. When announcing his Presidential Order, President Biden further explained that he is mandating the vaccines to prevent unvaccinated persons from spreading COVID-19 to the vaccinated persons.

The bottom line: We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers. We’re going to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by increasing the share of the workforce that is vaccinated in businesses all across America.

That statement makes no sense in light of his other statement that the mandated vaccines are intended to prevent infection and spread of COVID-19. If the vaccines are effective, the vaccinated person should not be in danger of infection from an unvaccinated person. The whole objective of a vaccination is to protect the recipient from disease. But the President knows that the vaccines are not effective. President Biden impeaches his credibility and undermines his stated reason for the COVID-19 vaccination mandate of stopping the spread of the disease by his admission that the vaccines do not protect the vaccinated persons from COVID-19. He implicitly admits that his mandate will be ineffective in achieving its objective. In the very announcement requiring vaccinations for federal workers, President Biden acknowledged that he knows the vaccines do not prevent infection or spread of COVID-19. He follows the convention of calling those vaccinated persons who subsequently become ill with COVID-19 “breakthrough” cases. President Biden admits that he is instituting a mandatory vaccination program that only helps with the symptoms of COVID-19 for the vaccinated persons and will not stop its spread. The President of the United States announced a mandatory vaccination program to stop the spread of COVID-19 while acknowledging that the vaccines are ineffective in preventing the spread of the disease. A vaccinated person is just as likely to spread COVID-19 as an unvaccinated person. President Biden stated:

I understand the anxiety about getting a “breakthrough” case. But as the science makes clear, if you’re fully vaccinated, you’re highly protected from severe illness, even if you get COVID-19.

President Biden further announced the need for a booster shot program, which is an implicit admission that he knows the initial vaccination does not give lasting protection from symptoms.

As soon as they are authorized, those eligible will be able to get a booster right away in tens of thousands of site across the — sites across the country for most Americans, at your nearby drug store, and for free.

President Biden stated that the COVID-19 vaccine is approved. But that is another trick. Please do not fall for it. Please notice that there are two vaccines discussed in the FDA approval letter, with two distinct legal identities. The FDA pointed out in a footnote in the authorization letter that the vaccines are not identical. “The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.” The two distinct vaccines are:

1) COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) and

2) Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine remains unapproved and under its original emergency use authorization (EUA). At the same time, the FDA has approved COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA).

Vaccines can be authorized for use in an emergency by the FDA while undergoing experimental trials. Authorization for use in an emergency is not the same as approval. Such investigational vaccines are not approved by the FDA. COVID-19 vaccines are “investigational vaccines” authorized under an emergency use authorization (EUA). An investigational vaccine is, by definition, an experimental vaccine. Investigational vaccines being used under an EUA are “still in the testing and evaluation phase and are not licensed for use in the general public.”

Thus, we have two substantially similar vaccines, one being administered under an EUA and another under FDA approval. The problem is that the approved vaccine, COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA), is now manufactured in Germany by Pfizer and BioNTech, a company that works in partnership with Pfizer. A footnote in the letter states:

Although COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) is approved to prevent COVID-19 in individuals 16 years of age and older, there is not sufficient approved vaccine available for distribution to this population in its entirety at the time of reissuance of this EUA.

That means that it is not yet available in the U.S. Thus, all of the COVID-19 vaccines now being administered in the U.S. under the Pfizer-BioNTech partnership are being administered under the EUA. The effect of that is that the public thinks that it is getting an approved vaccine under the legal standards for an approved vaccine, but in reality, they are receiving an EUA vaccine that comes with all of the legal vulnerabilities of an EUA vaccine.

The FDA approval of the unavailable COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) is being used by President Biden to push the COVID-19 vaccine mandate he instituted on September 9, 2021. “[M]any said they were waiting for approval from the Food and Drug Administration — the FDA. Well, last month, the FDA granted that approval. … The vaccine has FDA approval.” It is significant that President Biden did not mention that the FDA approved vaccine to which he referred is not available in the United States.

So we have the President of the United States mandating workers to be vaccinated with an experimental vaccine that he knows is ineffective and will not accomplish his stated objective of preventing the spread of COVID-19. The vaccines have another purpose, and it is not the stated purpose of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

This is a dystopian nightmare.

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