Proof There Were No Planes On 9/11

Below are videos and frames from videos proving that the 9/11 attacks involved a massive conspiracy that included the mass media. The U.S. and world populations were subjected to propaganda to sell a false narrative. The deception included some rather poorly rendered computer generated imagery (CGI). The conspirators are powerful and evil but incompetent and dumb as rocks. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” Proverbs 9:10. Since the evildoers do not fear God, they can be counted on by their ignorance to do stupid things. We are dealing with breathtaking evil all wrapped up in incompetent hubris.

Further evidence of media involvement in the 9/11 attacks is found in the frame below, which is from yet another video broadcast over the major media networks after the 9/11 attacks. Notice that the building between the port (left) engine and the fuselage (passenger compartment) of the plane is not damaged at all. That is impossible in the physical world. The wing between the engine and the fuselage has supposedly just pierced the building, yet the building is undamaged. Either the WTC Tower 2 is self-healing or the plane is a computer generated image (CGI). Proof that the plane is a CGI is the fact that an aluminum plane simply cannot pierce inside a building ringed by thick steel columns braced by steel girders and concrete floors. An aircraft is built to be as light as possible so it can fly. It is basically a flying aluminum can; there is no way in the physical world that a plane can slice into a massive building as though it were a knife going though butter. Notice that there is no distortion of the building or the plane; there is no explosion; there is no visible damage; there is no fragmentation. If a real plane had struck the building, there should have been an immediate explosion of the aircraft upon impact with the side of the building, with very little penetration of the plane inside the building itself. Instead, what we see is clear evidence that the plane is a CGI melding into the image of the building.

The perpetrators of 9/11 slipped up with one of their video feeds. In one telecast from “Chopper 4″ someone dropped the ball and did not insert the CGI into the telecast. Consequently, the telecast did not show a plane hitting the tower. The studio announcers confirm that there was no plane seen. Neither of the news announcers who were commentating mentioned anything about a plane. Below is what they said as they watched the explosion of the South Tower on their video monitor.

Announcer 1: Oh! Uh, if you are taking a look now, you see that we have just had another explosion, and that is considerably lower. And is that in the other building? Is that what I am witnessing?

Announcer 2: That apparently looks like it is in the other building!

In the series of frames below we see in the top frames what the announcers were looking at during their live broadcast. Notice there is no sign of a plane approaching the towers. Shortly after midnight, NBC broadcast a video from virtually the exact same perspective showing a plane crashing into the South Tower. When NBC broadcast the videotape with the CGI plane they did so at ½ speed. That may have been to compensate for the impossible speeds of the plane CGIs in their previous broadcasts.

Each frame from that later videotape has been synchronized and paired with live broadcast; the synchronization compensates for the ½ speed replay and so the synchronization is accurate. When comparing the frames from the live video with the later broadcast video, it becomes clear that the plane in the later broadcast is a CGI. The background has been completely taken out of the late video tape. There is no water or skyline.

Go to the 3:56 mark of the below video-1 and watch the alleged plane hit the building. Listen closely to the voiceover. Then, watch video-2 at the following link and listen to the voiceover. Notice that the voiceover is from the same women, but the narration is abbreviated in the video you sent. Notice in video-2 that there is NO Plane.
It is the same video broadcast at two different times. The video broadcast live shows NO plane. Notice that the broadcasters make no mention of a plane. But when that same video was rebroadcast hours later that night, presto-chango, suddenly a plane appeared in the video.

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  1. If the planes are CGI, then please explain how all those on board “some” plane died. One of them was my relative. Thanks.

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