Mike Lindell Reveals Proof that China and Other Countries Hacked the Election to Illegally Install Joe Biden as President of the United States

Watch Mike Lindell’s documentary evidence of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election presented in the embedded video below.  The video has been censored from YouTube and Vimeo. This evidence is being censored from all news networks and websites. They canceled Lindell’s Twitter account and even his company’s Twitter account. Lindell is the owner of My Pillow.

When Lindell appeared on Newsmax, an alleged conservative free-speech independent news program they censored him from discussing any evidence of voter fraud. Voter fraud simply will not be allowed to be broadcast to the American people. The communists are worried about what will happen if the evidence gets out. The Newsmax interviewer, Bob Sellers, even walked out of the interview because Lindell continued to bring out information about voter fraud.

Below are some of the slides that Lindell presented during his documentary illustrating the degree and nature of the fraud. Lindell’s video proves that China and other foreign countries interfered in the election to ensure that a communist stooge, Joe Biden, was elected President of the United States.

Below are charts revealing the extra efforts that were needed in addition to foreign computer hacking to ensure Joe Biden won the election.

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6 thoughts on “Mike Lindell Reveals Proof that China and Other Countries Hacked the Election to Illegally Install Joe Biden as President of the United States

  1. It is very difficult to understand how your FREEDOM OF SPEECH has basically vanished in the U.S. LITERALLY VANISHED!!
    How can that go unchallenged? Mike Lindell’s evidence is being discredited simply because there is SO MUCH EVIDENCE, and, they hate Trump.
    The Left, who cry equality and tolerance of all people, of all races, from all countries, even known criminals are allowed to freely enter your country, but they hate Trump with such a vengeance they cannot even allow anyone else to ever say anything positive about all the great things he has accomplished. It’s so outrageously stupid and hypocritical, but the MSM are all drinking the proverbial koolaid!!
    And my belief that NEWSMAX was going to be different than the MSM just disappeared!!
    Another one bites the dust! Not watching NEWSMAX after the Mike Lindell shameful exhibition of intolerance by the news anchor!
    WOW!!? “YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH” is the only explanation for such unprofessional journalistic behaviour.

  2. Thank you for altering us to this most important information. Unfortunately, by taking America off the gold standard as stipulated by the Constitution and installing fiat currency, along with attacks against Christianity, has corrupted hearts and minds, which has now lead to suppression of inalienable rights by tyrants.

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