Police Blocked Roads To Prevent Residents From Fleeing the Immolation of Lahaina

An eyewitness reveals that police blocked traffic to prevent residents from fleeing the immolation of Lahaina. There was no logical reason for the police to block cars fleeing the destruction of the city other than to ensure as many people died as possible. The witness describes the actions of the police as “a combination of stupid and evil.”

Remnants of destroyed cars on Front Street that were caught in the traffic jam caused by a police blockade. The reporter states that the passengers fled their cars. But did they? How does he know? A directed energy weapon could have caught the passengers by surprise. If they were struck with a directed energy weapon, they would have been immolated as they sat in their cars.

Lahaina Is Within 40 Miles of a U.S. Government Directed Energy Facility on Maui

The Dog That Didn’t Bark

Lahaina Was Destroyed by a Directed Energy Weapon

4 thoughts on “Police Blocked Roads To Prevent Residents From Fleeing the Immolation of Lahaina

  1. If the electric power lines had been shut off since around 9:00am and never restarted; then the police would have no reason to block the cars for fear of the cars running over live downed power lines and being electrocuted. The police had to know this fact that the power was off, so what other good reason could they have had? To block the escape routes of fleeing people from the danger of being burned alive!!!
    Unless that was the goal all along, by the higher-ups, starting with their new Police Chief and on up.

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