You Cannot Trust Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is a political chameleon who changes his position depending on public sentiment. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai calls Kennedy a duplicitous, hypocritical charlatan. One example of Kennedy’s flip-flopping is his position on the lockdowns. On March 30, 2020, Robert Kennedy Jr. praised the lockdowns as an effective way to not only “slow the march of COVID-19,” but also a way to reduce “lethal air pollution.” He cited a Forbes article in support of his view of dire consequences to the environment including exacerbating climate change when the lockdowns are lifted.

But upon announcing his run for the President of the United States, he changed his tune. On April 30, 2023, Kennedy said the lockdown was a violation of civil rights and the largest transfer of wealth in history, harming the middle class.  He further said:

You protect [i.e., lockdown] the vulnerable. Let everyone else go to work or else you will wreak havoc. I wrote about it on Instagram. I was writing every day. I was citing these economic studies that showed every point on unemployment you get 37,000 excess deaths from heart attacks, suicides. I was writing about this. And they cut me from social [media]. They said that’s misinformation. It was not. People were saying it, it wasn’t just me. and now we know, of course, that it’s true. There is study after study of any comparison between the states that locked down compared to those that didn’t. The more you lockdown, the worst it got. More COVID deaths, more excess deaths. Sweden was the only country that didn’t lockdown and it was the only country with lower access deaths in Europe. the nation that led lockdowns, was us, and we had the highest audit count of COVID death on earth. We had 16% of COVID deaths as a 47% of the population. at some point, even the media is going to have to stop saying that this was a success story.

If you want to know the real story behind the lockdowns read Vaccine Danger Quackery and Sin.

4 thoughts on “You Cannot Trust Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  1. He pushes the “catch a virus” narrative and the existence of Covid19. You can’t trust any politician as they all work together to push the right vs left paradigm. They are all actor’s on a stage serving the interests of those who are really in control.

  2. Gosh, he changed his opinion. I guess he cant be trusted. Come on! Many thought that lockdowns would work in the beginning. The ones that cant be trusted are those that despite all the clear evidence are still claiming that they work.

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