Fraudulent Computer Vote Switching in Georgia Has Now Been Proven

The latest election results updated on December 28, 2020, shows that Joe Biden won the presidential race in George with 2,473,633 votes to Donald Trump’s 2,461,854 votes. That is a margin of victory of 11,779 votes.

Georgia Official Election Results Reported by Politico as of December 28, 2020

But a forensic analysis by highly qualified data scientists of the official data shows that Donald Trump actually won Georgia. The data scientists testifying before the Georgia Legislative Election Committee explained that the reason that Biden seems to have won in Georgia is that votes were deleted from Donald Trump’s vote tally and credited to Joe Biden. The data scientists did not look at the evidence of thousands of illegal votes by felons, dead people, illegal aliens, unregistered voters, forged ballots, etc. The data scientists looked only at the official computer data feeds.

The data scientists found that the election computers were programmed to delete votes for Donald Trump. For example, they found that 7,008 votes were removed from Donald Trump’s total in Dodge County, Georgia. In Putnam County, Georgia, 5,935 votes were removed from Donald Trump’s vote total. In Dougherty County, Georgia, 17,650 votes were removed from Donald Trump’s vote total. That analysis only looked at the removal of votes because such an anomaly should never take place in a voting machine. A voting machine is supposed to tally votes and thus should only allow for addition and never subtraction. The subtraction of more than 30,000 votes from Donald Trump is clear evidence of machine programmed fraud.

In order for the tally of votes for each candidate to match the total votes, for every deletion of votes, there must be a correlative addition of votes to an opponent. That means that the deleted Donald Trump votes in the above counties must necessarily be matched by an addition of votes for Joe Biden elsewhere.

The computer scientists did not testify to the addition of votes for Biden to make up for the deleted Trump votes in Putnam, Dodge, and Dougherty counties. But they were able to uncover proof that the Dominion voting systems switched votes from Trump to Biden in DeKalb County, Georgia.

In DeKalb County, Georgia, at 9:11 p.m. local time, Trump received 29,391 votes as Biden simultaneously was recorded to have received 17,218 votes. However, in the next reported update, 8 minutes later, Trump’s votes became 17,218 while Biden’s changed to 29,391. In this single event, 12,173 votes were switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

That one event in DeKalb County, Georgia, shows that there was a fraudulent swing in favor of Joe Biden by 12,173 votesAs of December 28, 2020, Joe Biden is alleged to have won Georgia by a total of 11,779 votes That single event of switching 12,173 votes from Donal Trump to Joe Biden in DeKalb County is enough alone to decertify the entire Georgia results for Joe Biden.

Add to that vote switch in DeKalb County, Georgia, the other vote switching that happened in many other counties in Georgia and we find that the victory for Joe Biden was based upon fraud. Donald Trump actually won Georgia. Keep in mind that this is only the computer switching and does not address the clear evidence of thousands of illegal votes by felons, dead people, illegal aliens, unregistered voters, forged ballots, etc. 

The astounding thing about the findings of the computer experts is that the vote switching was done without any human intervention. That means that the computer’s software was programmed in advance to switch votes based a certain schedule of events. The Dominion voting software was written with commands prior to election day to switch votes! This was not a computer “glitch.” This was preplanned computer-programmed election fraud.

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  1. This is excellent news for most Americans would never consider voting for a most deceitful and decadent Joe Biden, an absolute abomination.

  2. OK, that’s awesome….

    But when are “Republicans” going to ask another question? What is Trump going to do if he’s in again? Will he continue to mandate vaccines for us and put up 5G towers to destroy our health? Just asking…

    • Brian Rightsell- Um, YES! Trump touts the virus as REAL and is in charge of Operation Warpspeed. He also signed 5G into law. I don’t know why this puppet has all the “conservatives” so fooled and believing in politics like they are. It’s mind blowing. TRUMP, Jesuit trained, visits the wailing wall, but that’s OKAY

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