Revisiting Paradise California – Where Are the Chimneys?

In the pictures below, we find that the houses in Paradise, California destroyed during the alleged wildfire on November 8, 2018. Notice that unburned trees surround the houses razed to the ground. How could the houses be destroyed by a wildfire fed by burning trees when none of the trees in the forest surrounding the homes burned? The answer is disturbing, but it is the only logical answer: the buildings were immolated through directed energy weapons.

The unburned trees are a clue that directed energy weapons were used. One of the two principal directed energy weapons uses microwaves. Microwaves have little effect on wood and paper because they absorb little of the microwaves. It is similar to putting a paper plate in a microwave oven. It will not burn. But putting aluminum foil into that same microwave oven will spark and catch fire. Another directed energy weapon developed by the military uses lasers, which are able to burn wood and other combustible materials.

Another clue that directed energy weapons were used is the absence of fireplaces or chimneys in the remnants of the immolated houses. Ordinarily, a chimney and fireplace will remain standing after a house is burned down. That is because the fireplaces and chimneys are designed to withstand the heat of fires. But directed energy weapons work on a different principle. They are a form of electromagnetic energy that affects material at the molecular level. Heat results in the process of destruction, and often there will be fire. But the microwave directed energy weapons destroy material by affecting the molecular bonds. Thus, the directed energy weapons can destroy chimneys and fireplaces, where those same chimneys and fireplaces would withstand the heat of an ordinary fire. The absence of chimneys and fireplaces is evidence that directed energy weapons were used to raze the houses to the ground.


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