COVID-19 Is No More Deadly Than the Ordinary Flu

Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi reveal three crucial facts:

1.) The death rate for COVID-19 is very low. It is equivalent to the seasonal flu: approximately 0.1%.

2.) The response to COVID-19, sheltering in place and social distancing, is counterproductive because it decreases the effectiveness of the immune system.

3.) Doctors are being pressured to falsely ascribe COVID-19 as the cause of death to inflate the COVID-19 death statistics.

Indeed, the findings of those doctors confirm the original opinion of Dr. Anthony Fauci. On March 26, 2020, Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., H. Clifford Lane, M.D., and Robert R. Redfield, M.D. in the New England Journal of Medicine stated that “the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of  approximately 0.1%).” Please note that Anthony S. Fauci is the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). He is in charge of the federal response to the Covid-19 threat. Dr. Fauci was joined in that article by Dr. Robert Redfield, who is presently the Director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control.

New England Journal of Medicine,

Incidentally, the mortality rate in the United States from all causes is approximately 1%.

U.S. Death Rate 1950-2020,

Deborah Birx, M.D. is U.S. Global Aids Coordinator & U.S. Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy and Physician-Ambassador to the office of the Vice President and the U.S. Government Coronavirus Response Coordinator. She stated during a March 23, 2020, White House press conference: “Death rates escalate with age and pre-existing conditions. So I really want to be clear that although it may be very low if you’re under 40 or very low if you’re under 50 or very low if you’re under 70, there is an inflection curve. The average age of the person is dying in Italy is in the mid-80s. So there is really a significant issue in our older generation.”

Trump and coronavirus task force brief from White House | NBC News (Live Stream Recording),

“The average life expectancy in Western Europe was 79 years for males and 84 years for females in 2019.” So what we know is that, in Italy, the people who are dying from coronavirus are dying at the age of the average mortality rate for older people.

Average life expectancy in Europe for those born in 2019, by gender and region,

Italian authorities have revealed that 99% of all coronavirus deaths are from people with pre-existing conditions. So the people that they are saying are dying from the coronavirus are the older sick people. That is the group of people that one would expect to die each day.

Tommaso Ebhardt, Chiara Remondini, and Marco Bertacche, 99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says, Bloomberg,

Putting those statistics together, we find that the COVID-19 virus is no more deadly than the ordinary flu. And the people threatened by COVID-19 are the same people threatened by the seasonal flu: older people with preexisting health infirmities. 

COVID-19 Death Statistics Are Artificially Inflated

Official admission from the State of Illinois that they are lying about COVID-19 deaths: “Technically, even if you died from a clear alternate cause but you had COVID at the same time, it is still listed as a COVID death.”

The State of Illinois is just following the rules set down by the Federal Government. The Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force is Dr. Deborah Birx. During an April 7, 2020, task force press briefing, Dr. Birx was asked by a reported about the allegations by many that the coronavirus deaths have been artificially inflated. The reported asked: “Can you talk about your concerns about deaths being misreported by coronavirus because of either testing or standards for how they’re characterized?”

Dr. Birx then admitted that in fact that the COVID-19 deaths are being inflated. Dr. Birx explained the reason is that the United States has taken a “liberal approach” to reporting COVID-19 deaths. She stated that it is “straightforward.” That “straightforward” approach is to report someone who dies “with” COVID-19 as a COVID-19 death. Implied in her statement is that any deceased person who tests positive for COVID-19 is recorded as dying “of” COVID-19, regardless of the actual cause of death. To put it more succinctly, every person who dies “with” COVID-19 is recorded as dying “of” COVID-19.

Dr. Birx distinguished the U.S. approach from that of other countries where, for example, if someone died of heart failure or kidney failure and they test positive for COVID-19, some other countries might report that as a kidney failure or heart failure death and not a COVId-19 death. Not so, in the United States. The “liberal approach” taken in the U.S. is that if someone dies with COVID-19 they are added to the COVID-19 death total even though they actually died of kidney failure or heart failure. Dr. Birx answered the reporter’s question as follows:

So, I think, in this country, we’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality, and I think the reporting here has been pretty straightforward over the last five to six weeks. Prior to that, when there wasn’t testing in January and February, that’s a very different situation and unknown.

There are other countries that if you had a pre-existing condition and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem — some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death.

Right now, we’re still recording it, and we’ll — I mean, the great thing about having forms that come in and a form that has the ability to mark it as COVID-19 infection — the intent is, right now, that those — if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death. (emphasis added)

Two minutes after Dr. Birx made her astounding admission, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci, took to the microphone and emphasized the point. Dr. Fauci stated:

I can’t imagine if someone comes in with coronavirus, goes to an ICU, and they have an underlying heart condition and they die — they’re going to say, “Cause of death: heart attack.”  I — I cannot see that — that happening. 

Drs. Birx and Fauci are seemingly proud of their “liberal approach to mortality” for COVID-19. They implicitly admit that the COVID-19 death figures are being artificially inflated.

Dr. Birx’s statement that the U.S. reports deaths with COVID-19 as deaths of COVID-19 is at the 1:38:08 timestamp of the video.

The President of the AAPS Exposes the Strategem by the CDC and State Health Authorities to Deceptively Inflate COVID-19 Deaths

The British Health Authorities Have Been Caught Inflating the COVID-19 Death Statistics

On July 16, 2020, Dr. Yoon K Loke and Dr. Carl Heneghan studied the death statistics in England and discovered that they were being artificially inflated.

Dr. Yoon K Loke is Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia. UK

Dr. Carl Heneghan is Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine and Director of Studies for the Evidence-Based Health Care Programmes at the University of Oxford. Dr. Heneghan set up and directs the Oxford COVID Evidence Service.

According to the definitions used by the National Health Service (NHS) and Public Health England (PHE) for a COVID-19 death, nobody who tests positive from COVID-19 could ever recover from that disease.

The doctors reported that “[a] patient who has tested positive, but successfully treated and discharged from hospital, will still be counted as a COVID death even if they had a heart attack or were run over by a bus three months later.”

The Department of Health uses the PHE statistics for its announcements of COVID-19 deaths. So far, the PHE has reported 45,199 COVID-19 deaths. The recent study by Drs. Loke and Heneghan calls into question the accuracy of that death tally. Now, it is not clear how many of those people actually died of COVID-19.

The doctors who did the study calculated that “if the counting method is not changed it would mean all 290,000 people who have tested positive for coronavirus would eventually be added to the death toll, regardless of when and how they died.”

The British Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, is conducting an “urgent” review of the data.

Florida Man Who Died in a Motorcycle Accident is Listed as a COVID-19 Death

A man who suffered a fatal motorcycle accident in Florida was added to Florida’s Covid-19 death count. 

State Senator (Who is Also a Medical Doctor) Scott Jensen Lets the Cat out of the Bag

The CDC is Gaming the Numbers To Inflate COVID-19 Death Statistics

In an April 8, 2020, interview with Laura Ingraham, Dr. (and state senator) Scott Jensen, revealed that the CDC is gaming the numbers to inflate the COVID-19 death numbers. He states that the guidance by the CDC is to put COVID-19 down as the cause of death even though the death actually resulted from something else. Indeed, the CDC is advising that COVID-19 is to be considered not on testing and a diagnosis that COVID-19 is the cause of death but rather based upon it being “suspected or likely.” They are being asked to put on the death certificate “probable” or “presumed” death from COVID-19 based upon a clinical judgment (i.e., a guess) without any actual scientific test or diagnosis. The CDC guidance states in pertinent part:

In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID–19 infection was likely. However, please note that testing for COVID–19 should be conducted whenever possible.

The CDC states that testing for COVID-19 is ideal but not necessary in order to categorize a death as being COVID-19 as long as the “circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty.” Basically, that means whatever a particular doctor wants it to mean. The CDC instructions for filling out death certificates are contrary to the traditional method of only putting down the scientific finding for a “cause of death.” The CDC guidance opens the door for a doctor to opine under a “reasonable degree of certainty” standard that virtually any death is a COVID-19 death. And that is precisely what the CDC wants. The CDC guidance states:

Ideally, testing for COVID–19 should be conducted, but it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate without this confirmation if the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty. 

Below is the scenario presented on page 6 of the CDC Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to COVID-19. Please read it carefully. You do not need to be a doctor to understand that the CDC is instructing doctors to lie on death certificates. They are trying to inflate the death statistics. Why else would the CDC give such specific instructions in filling out death certificates regarding how to characterize a decedent as having died from COVID-19?

The CDC has an interest in making sure that every possible COVID-19 death is caught. And, apparently, they have an interest in turning deaths with only inferential COVID-19 evidence into COVID-19 deaths. Ask yourself, why are the instructions contrary to all standard medical procedures for filling out death certificates?

Doctors are being instructed by the CDC to mark down that a patient died of COVID-19 even without any scientific tests being done to indicate that the patient had COVID-19 at the time of death. The new standard is now simply an inference that it was “likely” that the patient died of COVID-19. In the scenario presented by the CDC that likelihood is based on the decedent being exposed to a person who had COVID-19 five days prior to her death. The CDC scenario presented on page 6 of the CDC death certificate guidance is as follows:

An 86-year-old female passed away at home. Her husband reported that she was nonambulatory after suffering an ischemic stroke 3 years ago. He stated that 5 days prior, she developed a high fever and severe cough after being exposed to an ill family member who subsequently was diagnosed with COVID–19. Despite his urging, she refused to go to the hospital, even when her breathing became more labored and temperature escalated. She was unresponsive that morning and her husband phoned emergency medical services (EMS). Upon EMS arrival, the patient was pulseless and apneic. Her husband stated that he and his wife had advanced directives and that she was not to be resuscitated. After consulting with medical command, she was pronounced dead and the coroner was notified.

Comment: Although no testing was done, the coroner determined that the likely UCOD was COVID–19 given the patient’s symptoms and exposure to an infected individual. Therefore, COVID–19 was reported on the lowest line used in Part I. Her ischemic stroke was considered a factor that contributed to her death but was not a part of the direct causal sequence in Part I, so it was reported in Part II.

The State of Minnesota Tries to Implement the CDC Guidance to Game the Numbers and is Exposed by Dr. Jensen

In an April 7, 2020, interview with Chris Berg, Minnesota State Sen. Scott Jensen, R-Chaska, said that the death count for COVID-19 was being artificially inflated.

Senator Jensen, who is also a medical doctor, revealed the substance of an official memorandum that he received from the Minnesota Department of Health that included the guidance from the CDC advising him to attribute deaths to COVID-19 without any test that revealed the decedent was even infected with COVID-19.

Dr. Jensen revealed that the memo gave an example where if an 86-year-old patient died of pneumonia. The memo said that if it was later determined that she was exposed to her son who had no symptoms of COVID-19 during the contact with the 86 year-old decedent but he was later diagnosed with COVID-19, it would be appropriate to diagnose on the death certificate COVID-19 as the cause of death for the 86 year-old decedent.

Dr. Jensen explained that such a thing has never been done for any other disease and it would mean that the death from pneumonia s being falsely attributed to COVID-19. He explained the common-sense practice that death certificates traditionally only include facts and not assumptions.

When Dr. Jensen went public with this clear attempt to jimmy-up false death statistics, the Minnesota Department of Health issued a “clarification” (i.e., a retraction) that rescinded the advice to lie contained in the earlier memorandum. The got caught and were now trying to cover their tracks.

Chris Berg then asks the 64,000 question. “Why would they want to skew the numbers of deaths due to COVID-19?”

“Fear is a great way to control people,” he said. “And I worry about that.  I worry that sometimes we’re so darn interested in just jazzing up the fear factor that sometimes people’s ability to think for themselves is paralyzed if they’re frightened enough.”

Senator Scott Jensen reveals efforts to artificially inflate the death count for COVID-19 by the Minnesota Department of Health.

They Are Now Coming After Dr. Jensen for Revealing the COVID-19 Deception

Five years ago Dr. Scott Jensen was named Minnesota Family Doctor of the Year. Now he finds himself and his pristine record and reputation under attack after he exposed the dirty secret that the threat from COVID-19 is not real.

The Minnesota Board of Medical Practice has now given notice to Dr. Jensen that they are investigating him on alleged charges of improper medical practice. There are two allegations being brought against Dr. Jensen:

Count 1) That he spread misinformation in regards to the completion of death certificates on a news program.

Count 2) That he gave reckless advice in his willingness to compare COVID-19 and the flu.

Regarding count 1, what Dr. Jensen said was true. The guidance Minnesota Department of Health to jimmy-up false death certificates in Minnesota is a matter of public record. The later retraction does not change the initial attempt to falsify death certificates. Another example is in Illinois where one of the Directors of the Illinois Department of Health admitted that even if a person died from a clear alternate cause other than COVID-19 but they also test positive for COVID-19 they will be listed as a COVID-19 death.  New York offers another example. The State of New York simply added 3,700 deaths to their total deaths attributed to COVID-19 without any testing whatsoever. That increased their COVID-19 death total by 50%. New York used a fraudulent statistical maneuver to add deaths to the COVID-19 death column. New York did that arbitrarily, without testing, by opining that those 3,700 people must have died of COVID-19. Those examples are the tip of the false COVID-19 death statistics iceberg.

Regarding Count 2, it was not reckless to compare the threat of COVID-19 to the degree of danger from the ordinary flu. That fact has been acknowledged by none other than the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the Director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. Robert Redfield, in a joint article they published in the March 26,2020 New England Journal of Medicine. 

Both charges against Dr. Jensen are provably false, and Dr. Jensen will likely be vindicated. But the point of the charges is a clear and simple way to send a warning to other doctors in the country to keep their mouths shut about the COVID-19 scam.

James Corbett of The Corbett Report Discusses the Inflated COVID-19 Death Statistics

James Corbett of the Corbett Report discusses the fraudulent COVID-19 death statistics.

COVID-19 Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless

Researchers Torsten Engelbrecht and Konstantin Demeter concluded:

Lockdowns and hygienic measures around the world are based on numbers of cases and mortality rates created by the so-called SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests used to identify “positive” patients, whereby “positive” is usually equated with “infected.”

But looking closely at the facts, the conclusion is that these PCR tests are meaningless as a diagnostic tool to determine an alleged infection by a supposedly new virus called SARS-CoV-2.

The researchers concluded that the RT-PCR test used to detect COVID-19 is so inaccurate that there may be between 22% and 78% false positives. But there is no way to be sure because there is no gold standard against which to verify the accuracy of the tests.

One study gives an example of the test’s inaccuracy. “[A] study from Singapore in which tests were carried out almost daily on 18 patients and the majority went from ‘positive’ to ‘negative’ back to ‘positive’ at least once, and up to five times in one patient.”

The evidence establishes beyond a shadow of a doubt that the PCR test used in COVID testing is scientifically “meaningless.” Brian Shilhavy from Health Impact News describes the PCR COVID test as “more akin to a religious belief, than anything based on science.”

The apparent preponderance of false positives for asymptomatic subjects means that the people are asymptomatic because they do not have COVID-19.  The asymptomatic carrier model that is being sold to the public is a myth. The positive tests are bogus results. The COVID-19 “outbreaks” and “hotspots” are really not “outbreaks” or “hotspots” at all. Shilhavy rationally deduces that the COVID-19 scare is a HOAX!

Shilhavy concludes that “[t]he measures that have been taken to fight against the unseen enemy of a “virus” which we now know is a HOAX has caused REAL harm, and death.”  But they are not done with us. “What about the COVID Vaccine Bill Gates, the WHO, the U.S. Government, and Big Pharma are all rushing to develop and inject into every single human being on the planet?”

President of Tanzania Proves that the Covid-19 Tests are Worthless

The President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, sent in sample swabs from a paw paw fruit, a kware (bird), and a rabbit to be tested for COVID-19. The swabs were identified to the lab as being from humans. The lab thought the samples were from humans. The lab results were that the paw paw fruit tested positive for COVID-19, the bird tested positive for COVID-19, and the rabbit test was indeterminate. The president of Tanzania thus confirmed his suspicions that the COVID-19 positive test results are being faked.

The President of Tanzania proves that the COVID-19 tests are worthless.

The State of Virginia Inflates the COVID-19 Cases by Reporting The Number of Positive Tests Instead of The Number of Patients Who Test Positive

NBC News reported that:

The Virginia Department of Health announced it will now count the number of positive virus tests instead of the number of people who test positive.

That means if one person is tested three-times and all three tests come back positive, it counts as three instead of how the numbers were being counted before, which would have only been one because it was a single patient.

The only reason to do that is to inflate the number of COVID-19 cases in Virginia. There is no way around it. That is out-and-out deception.

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  1. I try to find out what is REALLY happening and what you can REALLY do about it.

    Here’s information I’m sharing with my Family and Friends to hopefully STOP the FEAR!
    My quick over-view

    The TRUTH is that the virus is NOT as scary as ‘THEY’ lead us to believe and there are several treatments that can help prevent COVID-19 symptoms and/or mitigate the symptoms. Doctors using these treatments are having near 100% success (near zero deaths).

    The links below lead to HOURS of ‘what the Media isn’t telling you’.
    I advise taking REALITY in small bites… and not to get too upset as you discover how we are all being lied to…

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    That said, to prevent COVID-19 symptoms I’d personally get the appropriate vitamins and minerals and Tonic Water (with Quinine) to drive the Zinc into the cells. See more supporting information below.

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    Tonic Water (specifically with Quinine)

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    Zinc Picolinate 75-100 mg/day

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    Melatonin at night 1-3 mg at night (optimal dose unknown)

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    3% hydrogen peroxide for nebulization

    Getting a Pulse Oximeter and a thermometer (radiant is best because of non-contact) are good ideas…

    Because as the SARS-CoV-2 takes hold, the COVID-19 symptoms include dropping oxygen in blood, increase in heart rate and slight raise in temperature (fever). Keep a chart when healthy, so you know when blood oxygen drops and temperature rises. For the average person, blood oxygen under 85 combined with temperature over 100°F is indicative that you might have COVID-19 symptoms.

    You might want to add Brown’s Gas, hydrogen peroxide and MMS to your treatment options.
    Then you’d be pretty well prepared to meet the virus (if you haven’t already).
    One of the things ‘THEY’ are not telling you is that MOST people on the planet have ALREADY HAD the disease and their body handled it just fine. Only a very small percentage have ever had to go to the hospital… Just like any other cold or flu.

    If you do end up in a hospital, DO have a letter stating you want your ‘at home’ treatments to be used in the hospital. You should also insist on daily copies / updates of your hospital records sent to someone outside the hospital. You may need to insist / demand these rights. A lawyer on the outside (to advocate for you) is recommended. Because… Unfortunately… Reports from inside hospitals are not ‘encouraging’. Some patients are dying because of sub-standard monitoring and treatment because there is NO ONE in there to check on what is happening.

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  2. And here is Honest Joes Covid team congratulating themselves on fooling the entire world of their Globalist hoax and confirming exactly what this sites experts are stating… it is just seasonal flu. Having said that the numbers will be climbing when the experimental treatments start accelerating their beloved death scores. Several countries Germany, France have limited the experimental snake oil to no over 65 very sensible precaution however Globalist UK still plunders on without restriction as Boris and his Health advisors shows off to to their Globalist puppet masters his genocide prowess.

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