People Who Have Received the COVID-19 Vaccine Account for 94% of all COVID-19 Deaths in the UK

Likely, the deaths reported in the UK by those vaccinated for COVID-19 reported by the UK government are not because the vaccines have failed to protect those who were vaccinated, but rather because the vaccines are causing the deaths and hospitalizations.

That means that the often announced “breakthrough” cases of COVID-19 are likely not COVID-19 cases but are rather cases of vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED), otherwise known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), caused by the COVID-19 vaccines themselves. Indeed, the data coming in from all over the world suggests that the “breakthrough” cases of alleged COVID-19 among the vaccinated population are actually cases of ADE caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.

In an April 30, 2021 report filed with the FDA, Pfizer acknowledged that vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED) and vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (VAERD) were listed as “Important Potential Risk[s]” of the COIVD-19 vaccines. Pfizer suggested that the VAED may go unreported as such because the patient suffering VAED will usually be presented as having “severe or unusual manifestations of COVID-19.”

Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S., the inventor of the mRNA technology used by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna in their COVID-19 vaccines, states that the COVID-19 vaccines are causing ADE. Dr. Malone indicates that the scientific evidence is becoming increasingly clear that the COVID-19 vaccines are causing the virus to replicate at higher levels than would be the case in the absence of the vaccination. He said that this phenomenon of ADE was predictable because ADE has happened in every coronavirus study ever conducted. He said the data indicates that as the immune response from the COVID-19 vaccines wanes after six months, the ADE is kicking in, and we see the result with increased hospitalizations. The hospitalizations are not from breakthrough infections in those vaccinated but rather from ADE brought on by the vaccine itself. The ADE causes the virus to replicate more efficiently than it would otherwise. Dr. Malone further states that those in the vaccinated population are generating the delta variant of COVID-19 due to the COVID-19 vaccine.

A study was conducted by Timothy Cardozo of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, NYU Langone Health, New York, and Ronald Veazey of the Division of Comparative Pathology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine, Tulane National Primate Research Center. The scientists determined in their research that the COVID-19 vaccines caused an increase in the risk of more severe diseases caused by ADE.

The following article was published by The Expose on July 11, 2022.

A report that was quietly published by the UK Government, just hours before Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, reveals that Covid-19 deaths have risen dramatically among the triple vaccinated population in England over the past couple of months whilst declining drastically among the unvaccinated population.

With the most recent figures showing the vaccinated population in England accounted for a shocking 94% of all Covid-19 Deaths in April and May, and 90% of those deaths were among the triple/quadruple vaccinated population.

On the 7th July, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, announced he was resigning. Since then the Mainstream Media in the UK have distracted the public with 24/7 news on that announcement and speculation on who could replace him.

It’s times like these that you ought to watch what bad news is being quietly published in the background in the hope that it won’t receive much attention, and it just so happens that hours before Boris announced his resignation, his Government published new data that proves things have been terrible for the vaccinated population in England over the past couple of months.

Back in March 2022, the UK Health Security Agency announced that from April 1st 2022, they would no longer publish the vaccination status of Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths in England.

At the time, the UKHSA claimed this was because the UK Government had ended free universal Covid-19 testing and this therefore affected their “ability to robustly monitor Covid-19 cases by vaccination status”.

However, this was a lie.

The UK Health Security Agency had been looking for an excuse for months to stop publishing the data because it clearly showed the vaccinated population were suffering immense immune system damage, with case, hospitalisation, and death rates per 100,000 highest among the fully vaccinated population.

The following chart shows the real world Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness among the triple vaccinated population in England in the Week 3Week 7 and Week 13 UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance reports of 2022 –

This was nowhere near the claimed 95% effectiveness by Pfizer was it?

But now we have more evidence to both prove the UKHSA was lying, and that the current mainstream media storm surrounding the resignation of Boris Johnson is just a distraction.

This is because another UK Government agency, known as the Office for National Statistics (ONS), has just published data on deaths by vaccination status.

The latest dataset from the ONS is titled ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status, England, 1 January 2021 to 31 May 2022‘, and it can be accessed on the ONS site here, and downloaded here.

Table 1 of the latest dataet contains figures on the mortality rates by vaccination status for all cause deaths, deaths involving Covid-19, and deaths not involving Covid-19. And it is here that we are able to ascertain the vaccination status of everyone who has died of Covid-19 since the beginning of April 2022, when the UKHSA claimed they could no longer reliably report the figures.

Here’s how the ONS presents the figures for the month of April 2022 –

We’ve taken the figures provided by the ONS for both April and May 2022, and produced the following chart showing Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status in England between 1st April and 31st May 2022 –

In all, according to the ONS, there were 4,935 Covid-19 deaths over these two months, and the vaccinated population accounted for a shocking 4,647 of those deaths. But what’s even more shocking is that the triple vaccinated accounted for 4,216 of those deaths, with just 288 deaths recorded among the unvaccinated population.

In March 2022, there were 321 Covid-19 deaths within 60 days of a positive test among the unvaccinated population according to the UKHSA Week 13 Vaccine Surveillance Report, as detailed in the following chart using data extracted from table 13b of the report –

This means there were 33 less deaths among the unvaccinated over two months (April and May) than there were in the whole of March.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true for the vaccinated population, especially the triple vaccinated. There were 911 more deaths among the vaccinated over two months, and 1,161 more death among the triple vaccinated.

This means deaths have fallen drastically among the unvaccinated but increased significantly among the vaccinated population since the UKHSA claimed they could no longer reliably publish the data.

The following chart shows the percentage of Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status in England between 1st April and 31st May 2022, according to the latest ONS dataset published just hours before Boris Johnson’s resignation –

The quietly published figures reveal that the vaccinated population as a whole accounted for a shocking 94% of all Covid-19 deaths in April and May 2022, with the unvaccinated accounting for just 6% of all Covid-19 deaths. But the most horrific statistic here is that 90% of the deaths among the vaccinated were among people who had been given at least three doses of a Covid-19 injection.

However, many in the UK have been given a fourth dose of a Covid-19 injection since the spring, and judging by the latest data from the Government of Cananda, it’s likely many of those deaths could actually be among the quadruple vaccinated.

The most recent Government of Canada figures show that there were 521 Covid-19 deaths between 6th and 12th June, and the vaccinated population accounted for 485 of them, with a shocking 242 deaths among the quadruple vaccinated population, meaning they accounted for 50% of Covid-19 deaths among the vaccinated in the second week of June 2022.

These aren’t the kind of figures you would expect to see if the Covid-19 injections really are up to 95% effective at preventing death, are they?

So there you have it, whilst you’ve been distracted by Boris Johnson’s resignation as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the UK Government quietly published a report just hours before his announcement containing data they previously claimed they didn’t have, which confirmed the vaccinated now account for 94% of Covid-19 deaths in England, and 90% of those deaths are among the triple vaccinated.

With news like this being swept under the rug by the mainstream media, it makes you wonder what else they will attempt to hide in the coming weeks?

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  1. No where near the number of deaths the evil depopulation crowd was seeking. Still, it is mass murder. The doctors, nurses, lying media and lying politicians should all be in prison. God will judge them all, eventually.

  2. That’s my experience. No one I know died from the scam then came the jabs and I know of 5 for sure deaths, 2 I believe are from the jab but can not confirm, 2 cases of shingles, 4 serious migraines that warranted MRIs,3 heart attacks and one of those ding dongs is 35 years old …then the rest who seem to keep getting “Covid” over and over but are willing to participate in the scam of testing and retesting.I have a neighbor who told me her father died of cancer about 4 months ago ..she was told if they can get Covid on the death certificate, I think it’s the state I don’t remember it, they will pay $9000,00 “towards the burial!!!

  3. As inventor of the PCR test, Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis, indicated no viruses have been demonstrated to exist with no tests of completely purified samples causing damage to live cells . There is a genuine prize of at least 1 million euros for someone to submit a report that shows otherwise- what are we waiting for?

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