In 1995 Dr. Pierre Gilbert Predicted Mandatory Vaccines Used to Control the People of the World

In 1995, Dr. Pierre Gilbert, a Christian researcher, made the following prescient prediction that seems to be coming true before our very eyes today:

“In the biological destruction, there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields. What will follow is a contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind, creating intentional infections. This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination mandatory. And these vaccines will make it possible to control people. The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will become hosted in the brain cells, which will become micro-receivers of electromagnetic fields where waves of very low frequencies will be sent. And through these low-frequency waves, people will be unable to think, you’ll be turned into a zombie. Don’t think of this as a hypothesis. This has been done. Think of Rwanda

Dr. Giberts mentions Rwanda as an example of this technology being used. Helen C Epstein in an article for The Guardian suggested CIA involvement in the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994. Could the majority Hutus who carried out the massacre of the minority Tutusies have been mind-controlled by the CIA through the electromagnetic technology mentioned by Dr. Gilbert? Epstein explained that “[b]etween April and July 1994, hundreds of thousands of Rwandans were murdered in the most rapid genocide ever recorded. The killers used simple tools – machetes, clubs and other blunt objects, or herded people into buildings and set them aflame with kerosene. Most of the victims were of minority Tutsi ethnicity; most of the killers belonged to the majority Hutus.”

Joe Vialls reported on May 29, 2003, that when we look at the massacre of the Tutsis in Rwanda we find secret agents of the U.S. Government (CIA) used microwave technology to mind control the Hutus into a genocidal rage against the Tutsis. “C-130 Hercules [fitted with large microwave dishes] made a carefully-calculated pass directly over the advancing Hutu, and they suddenly went berserk. Eyes glazed, the mood of the Hutu crowd went from simple anger to uncontrollable rage, and within minutes, hundreds of assorted Tutsi body parts were flying through the air. … this was and is unquestionably mind control, for the simple reason that external means were being used to force an irresistible change in behavior.”

This technology of using extra low radio frequencies (ELF) to affect behavior was well advanced even 20 years ago. Vials explained:

One of the leading lights in this field is Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher-Bise, who was a nuclear scientist and researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and at Stanford Research Institute, Professor of Physics at John F. Kennedy University of California, research consultant to NASA and the U.S. Navy, and a member of IEEE, APS, AAAS, MAA, ANA, AAMI. Elizabeth Rauscher-Bise identified specific frequency effects to induce nausea, happiness and many other behavioral states decades ago. Clearly, Dr. Rauscher-Bise is an enthusiast: “Give me the money and three months”, she boasts, “and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of 80 per cent of the people in this town without their knowing it. Make them happy – or at least they’ll think they’re happy. Or aggressive.”

The discovery of graphene hydroxide in the COVID-19 vaccines, which allegedly reacts to 5G wireless radio waves, suggests that there may be a similar plan is for the future at a much more advanced level using the COVID-19 vaccines as the delivery method for the electromagnetic sensitive graphene hydroxide. “Graphene oxide is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), specifically the frequencies that are part of the 5G spectrum.

Could the minority unvaccinated Christians be the targets of aggression at the hands of the mind-controlled vaccinated mobs infused with graphene hydroxide who are then bombarded with electromagnetic signals from 5g towers?

Dr. Gilbert’s original video has been removed from YouTube for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Below is the reposting video of Dr. Gilbert’s presentation on Brighteon:

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