How Did the CDC Know to Put 4 Vaccine Data Rows on Its COVID-19 Vaccination Card?

HHS first announced the COVID-19 booster shot plan on August 18, 2021. At that point, it had not yet been implemented; it was in the planning stages and was expected to be offered in the fall of 2021.
Before the booster announcement, there was only the requirement for the initial two-shot vaccine regimen for COVID-19 (one-shot for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine). It was only after the initial COVID-19 vaccines were found ineffective that a booster program was announced. Now, there is even a discussion of a second booster, for a total of four shots.
How then did the CDC know from the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccination program to print COVID-19 vaccination cards with four rows to put vaccination data? The card was only for COIVD-19 vaccinations. The COVID-19 vaccinations required a maximum of two shots (Moderna and Pfizer). The cards were printed before there was any publicly known need for boosters. Apparently, the CDC knew from the beginning that the initial two-shot regimen would be ineffective. The picture below was from a February 2, 2021 AARP article
Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa holds his vaccination card after receiving his first shot

2 thoughts on “How Did the CDC Know to Put 4 Vaccine Data Rows on Its COVID-19 Vaccination Card?

  1. The sad thing it will not end with 4 shots.Everthy 6 months they will mandate another shot.What i see is that all the vax people ate getting sick multiple times.But they are lining up to get the 3 shot.

  2. Many will eventually wake up after being severely injured.
    Some have woken up after two shots.
    For some it will be three, four, or five.
    Some will choose a short lifetime of bondage, similar to the children of Israel, who longed to return to the comforts of Egypt (except Joshua and Caleb).

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