Leaked Video Reveals Insubordinate U.S. Government Officials Conspiring Against the Trump Administration

Listen in to the leaked Zoom call as federal officials conspire on how they can take action to prevent the implementation of policies under the Trump administration. They advise a number of tactics, including leaking confidential government information to the mainstream press.  One official advocated to “leak everything you can.” That official tells the others to take succor in the fact that so far the journalists to whom he has leaked information have shielded him as a source for the leaked information.

One official describes the election of President Trump not as the duly elected President of the United States, but rather as a coup d’ etat.

The officials explained that they, as government bureaucrats, have the power to hamper the implementation of the policies of the Trump administration. They then discuss ways to thwart those policies. They discuss the range of tactics from acts of omission (go slow) to acts of commission (leaking). They specifically invoke Black Lives Matter (BLM) as a protected non-partisan political affiliation. It was explained that committing crimes on public property (or even federal government property) in the advancement of BLM would not affect federal employment.

This video gives insight into the mindset of the deep state officials in Washington.

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