PBS Caught Using CGI in an Experiment to Falsely Show the Earth is a Sphere

John Timmer “is Ars Technica’s science editor. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California, Berkeley.”

Dr. Timmer, unsurprisingly, criticizes any notion that the earth is flat. He attacks the sanity of anyone who believes that the earth is flat. He claims that they suffer from a psychological disorder that he pejoratively calls “bullshit receptivity.” The eminent Dr. Timmer seems to think he is an expert in the pseudoscience of psychology. He has now segued from biologist to psychologist. He cites to an article published in a psychological journal as his authority for this diagnosis. Timmer states:

Conspiracy theorists tend also have a tendency to believe in nonsense that sounds profound. The technical term for this, and I am not making this up, is called bullshit receptivity. This may explain why they believe all the baroque reasons people have come up with for why a flat earth can still have seasons.

The reason for Timmer’s attack on the mental health of those that believe in a flat earth is their refusal to accept the results of the scam perpetrated by Russel at the Bedford Canal. Timmer also noted the refusal of believers in a flat earth to accept recent tests conducted under the auspices of the Public Broadcast Service (PBS). Timmer cites to the tests as proof that the earth is a sphere. Closer examination of the PBS experiments, though, show them to be fraudulent.

If the earth were a globe, as most believe, it should be easy to prove. PBS set out to do that very thing. But they were caught using false evidence in their effort. PBS needed to resort to false evidence because the earth is not a sphere. The earth is flat. Such antics by PBS suggest that the earth is flat; otherwise, there would be no need to manufacture false evidence of sphericity.

The formula for the expected drop per mile is M2 × 8 = D, where “M” is the number of miles from the observer at ground level, “8” is the number of inches dropped per mile squared, and “D” is the distance of the drop over the horizon. The above equation assumes an earth with a circumference of 24,901 miles. J. Clendenning, the former British Surveyor General of the Gold Coast (Ghana), in his book, The Principles of Surveying, confirmed that “as regards curvature, a level line parallel to the earth’s surface … falls away from a plane tangential to the earth at any point by about 8 in. in a distance of a mile, and this difference increases with the square of the distance.”

With that in mind, PBS set out to prove that the earth is a sphere by stationing a telescope approximately 2 feet above a body of water and then viewing a helicopter landing on the other side of the lake, approximately 6 miles away. If the earth were a globe, the helicopter would disappear below the horizon behind approximately 24 feet of the earth’s curvature. Sure enough, that is what was depicted in the PBS video.

I should point out that because the camera used by PBS was at an elevation of approximately two feet above the water, the expected drop below the horizon from 6 miles away from that vantage point two feet above the water should be 10 feet, 8 inches. PBS framed their results with the assumption that the camera would be directly on the waterline. It was not. And so the 24-foot result by PBS is shown to be a contrivance. Indeed, the type of helicopter used in the video has a rotor that is a little more than 10 feet above the ground.

There is a more significant problem. A truth seeker with an Odysee channel called Taboo Conspiracy has proven that PBS used CGI to falsely portray the earth as a globe. His video can be viewed on his Odysee channel in the likely event that YouTube deletes his channel again. Why would PBS fake a video to show the earth is a globe? Because the earth is flat, PBS found it necessary to use video trickery to fool the gullible public into thinking that the earth is a sphere.

In the video initially posted by PBS, one can see that PBS used the same video for both the helicopter landing and helicopter take-off scenes. This is evident because the same birds flying the same pattern can be seen flying across the screen in both scenes. We see the helicopter landing while birds fly across the screen. Moments later, we see the helicopter taking off while the same video plays, showing the same birds flying the same pattern across the same scene. That same flock of birds flying the same pattern in both scenes indicates that the same video is being used for both scenes but with the helicopter landing in one scene and taking off in the other. The ineluctable conclusion is that a CGI of a helicopter is being inserted in the same video. The helicopter is not really there at all. The helicopter is CGI.

There’s No Curvature … Let’s Just Fake It!

What is even more damning to PBS is that once it was revealed that they used CGI in their video, the original video somehow disappeared from YouTube.  PBS then altered the video and re-posted the altered video on their PBS website. PBS realized they had been caught and took steps to cover their tracks.

I was able to find the unaltered August 23, 2016, original video on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

When PBS re-posted the video they deleted the frames that showed the same birds flying across the screen in both the alleged helicopter landing scene and the helicopter take-off scene. PBS had a problem in their alteration. They were stuck using their already contrived video. They could not change that. The only way they could obscure the use of CGI was to remove as many frames as possible showing the birds flying across the screen. In doing that, they could not cut out the entry of the birds on the scene as the helicopter landed because they wanted to catch that moment on the screen. Thus, they froze the video at the earliest point possible to remove the birds. But that left the entry of the birds on the far left of the screen. At that moment, though, the helicopter CGI was still in view, and thus their point was not proven. So what they did was resume the video, which began from the point after the missing frames. This showed a clear horizon with no helicopter and the birds jumping to the far right of the screen.

When all of the evidence is shown, we find that PBS has been caught red-handed faking an experiment to falsely portray the earth as a sphere. Then, when their scam was exposed, they attempted a coverup, which just made things worse for them. By not being able to remove the entry of the birds from the far left of the screen when the CGI of the helicopter in the process of landing (Frame A) we can match that up with the CGI of the helicopter taking off (Frame C) and see that the bird entry on the left of the screen in both the scene of the landing (Frame A) and the scene of the take off of the helicopter (Frame C) match. PBS’s attempted coverup has failed.

PBS tried and failed to prove that the earth is a sphere by using video trickery. When they were busted, they attempted to cover up their fraud, but their coverup also failed. Yet, the scientific community still touts the altered PBS video of that experiment as proof that the earth is a sphere. It is very much like the scam run by Alfred Russell Wallace at the Bedford Canal, which modern scientists still tout as proof that the earth is a sphere.

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9 thoughts on “PBS Caught Using CGI in an Experiment to Falsely Show the Earth is a Sphere

    • William H. Poole explained: “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. This principle is, contempt prior to examination.” Satan has used this method to keep people in a state of nescience about God’s creation. He has created a hive mentality instilled at the earliest stages of education that protects the myth of helicentricity. Anyone who questions the legitimacy of heliocentricity has his character attacked by the hive as being ignorant. The evidence for a stationary, flat earth, no matter its validity, will be dismissed without examination. Thus the hive is kept in “everlasting ignorance.”

    • Under the heliocentric theory, the earth is spinning at approximately 1,000 miles per hour at the equator. The heliocentric scientists had a problem with their theory. How could they explain how people, animals, and things do not feel the centrifugal force of the spinning earth? Isaac Newton saved the day with his theory of gravity. Newton’s theory of gravity supposedly acts as a centripetal force working against the centrifugal force of the hypothesized spinning earth. Gravity is necessary on a spinning earth. But the earth is not spinning. On a stationary flat earth there is no centrifugal force. Since there is no centrifugal force, there can be no centripetal force. Hence, there is no gravity, because there is no need for the centripetal force of gravity on a flat, motionless earth.

      Newton’s theory of gravity is founded upon the premise that all objects are attracted to all other objects based upon their mass. Eric Dubay explains that this “law” of science has never been proven and cannot be observed.

      “[T]his magnetic-like attraction of massive objects gravity is purported to have can be found nowhere in the natural world. There is no example in nature of a massive sphere or any other shaped-object which by virtue of its mass alone causes smaller objects to stick to or orbit around it! There is nothing on Earth massive enough that it can be shown to cause even a dust-bunny to stick to or orbit around it! Try spinning a wet tennis ball or any other spherical object with smaller things placed on its surface and you will find that everything falls or flies off, and nothing sticks to or orbits it. To claim the existence of a physical “law” without a single practical evidential example is hearsay, not science.”

      Dubay is correct that gravity is not based upon science; gravity is like a heathen religious superstition. People believe it to be true, simply because the modern day witch-doctors, whom we call “scientists,” say so. Dubay further questions the magical qualities of gravity, where it is both a force of suspension, causing orbit, and at the same time a force of attraction, causing adhesion.

      “Now, even if gravity did exist, why would it cause both planets to orbit the Sun and people to stick to the Earth? Gravity should either cause people to float in suspended circular orbits around the Earth, or it should cause the Earth to be pulled and crash into the Sun! What sort of magic is “gravity” that it can glue people’s feet to the ball-Earth, while causing Earth itself to revolve ellipses round the Sun? The two effects are very different yet the same cause is attributed to both.”

      According to the heliocentric model, the force of gravity at the equator is perfectly balanced against the centrifugal force of the spinning earth. All persons and objects are supposedly perfectly balanced through gravity by their mass against the centrifugal force of the spinning earth to remain attached to the earth.

      The problem with the gravitational theory is that according to that theory, the gravitational attraction to the earth by all persons and objects remains the same at all places on the earth. That means that the gravitational force at the North Pole is the same as the gravitational force at the equator. That poses a very real problem if the earth is spinning as alleged. That is because the centrifugal force decreases every mile toward the north pole, where the centrifugal force is ultimately reduced to zero, because the North Pole is the axis of the supposedly spinning earth. On a globe, as you travel north or south of the equator the circumference parallel to the equator becomes less. Consequently, the speed of the earth’s spin at those more northern and southern latitudes from the equator would be slower than its speed of spin at the equator. For example, at 45 degrees north latitude, the earth’s spin should be approximately 700 miles per hour. As the speed of the spin is reduced, so also is the correlative centrifugal force. Thus, a uniform force of gravity with a non-uniform centrifugal force would necessarily result in objects having different weights depending on their latitude. The spinning earth and the mystical force of gravity are thus proven to be fictions.

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