UK Health Secretary Lets the COVID-19 Cat Out of the Bag

Excerpt from Vaccine Danger: Quackery and Sin.

A document leak has given us a window into one part of this world conspiracy. Former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock gave his WhatsApp encrypted messages to journalist Isabel Oakeshott to use as source material for her to co-write a book with Hancock called “Pandemic Diaries.” What Oakeshott saw in those messages shocked her. So, she leaked the messages to a British Newspaper, The Telegraph.

The text messages reveal that the COVID-19 pandemic was a scam. Russia Today reported that Hancock conversed with Cabinet Secretary Simon Case on January 2021 in a text message and stated “that ‘fear’ would be a ‘vital’ factor in ensuring UK citizens’ compliance with Covid restrictions.” In another text to aid Damon Poole, Hancock advised: “We frighten the pants of [sic] everyone with the new strain.” Poole replied: “Yep, that’s what will get the proper bahviour [sic] change.” To which Hancock asked: “When do we deploy the new variant”? That series of messages were allegedly sent on December 13, 2020. Notice that he asked when to “deploy” the new COVID-19 variant. He was obviously referencing issuing propaganda about a new “fictional” COVID-19 variant to scare people into compliance with the lockdowns and, ultimately, the forthcoming vaccines.

In another series of texts, Poole explained that he was trying to get Bill Gates’ endorsement of the New Variant Assessment Platform (NVAP) – a service offering the UK’s expertise in detecting new virus variants. Hancok replied: ‘Tell him that considering how many people I’m getting his chips injected into, he owes me one!” That statement referenced the electromagnetic-sensitive graphene hydroxide detected in the COVID-19 vaccines. It seems that Hancock was acknowledging that the graphene hydroxide is designed to act somehow like computer chips.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported the leaked text messages but spun them to make it seem Hancock was only joking about chips in the vaccine. But there was nothing in the context of the text messages from which to draw that conclusion. The Daily Mail was trying to run interference and doing damage control. Under no circumstances could the public become informed that they were being contaminated with nano-particles capable of interacting with electromagnetic waves. And so the Daily Mail did its job of falsely spinning the statement as a joke.




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  1. You can’t leak what isn’t real. Sars Cov 19 has never been isolated, verified, or purified…no virus has! The biggest scam of it all is “catching a virus” and GERM theory (that germs cause disease)

  2. Correct except it’s more accurate to say retrovirus (the nasty ones that somehow enter a cell and force it to replicate said virus)! There are scraps of rna swimming around but many could be exosomes- agents generated by the ‘immune system’ Even Stefan Lanka claims to have isolated a virus in the sea!

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