A Patriot Takes a Stand Against COVID-19 Tyranny

I just went to eat at a restaurant that had its license suspended by the local health authorities. Why would I do that? You ask. The restaurant license was suspended because he refuses to require his patrons and staff to wear masks and to social distance. By the way, the food was fantastic!

The owner’s name is Matt Strickland. He is a former combat veteran who has served several tours in Iraq. His restaurant is called Gourmetltz. It is located at 10013 Jeff Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407.

Strickland is standing up for all of our rights. He is putting his name and fortune on the line for us. Please support him.

Why did the health officials take action? They said they received “more than 50 complaints since mid-December about the lack of face masks on employees, customers at the bar and no social-distancing measures.” Frightened citizens who bought into the lie, hate freedom, and love Big Brother were complaining.

I attended the court hearing today in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, during which the assistant attorney general for Virginia argued to have the judge issue a temporary restraining order that would shut down Strickland’s restaurant. The representative of the tyrant governor in Virginia actually said that a person does not have a constitutional right to open a restaurant.

It is astounding to hear the sheer ignorance and arrogance of such a statement by a representative of the government who has taken an oath or affirmation to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  The judge will render his ruling next week.

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