Why Are The FDA and Mainstream Media Falsely Attacking Ivermectin?

Andrew White, writing for National File, reported that “Rolling Stone recently ran a story about an Oklahoma hospital that was supposedly overwhelmed with ivermectin overdoses. Shortly thereafter, the hospital issued a statement completely rebuking the claims made in the Rolling Stone story.”

White explained:

Rolling Stone ran a story in which they claimed that a hospital in Oklahoma was so overwhelmed with ivermectin overdoses that they were unable to treat patients for gunshot wounds. “The rise in people using ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug usually reserved for deworming horses or livestock, as a treatment or preventative for Covid-19 has emergency rooms “so backed up that gunshot victims were having hard times getting” access to health facilities, an emergency room doctor in Oklahoma said.

This week, Dr. Jason McElyea told KFOR the overdoses are causing backlogs in rural hospitals, leaving both beds and ambulance services scarce,” wrote Rolling Stone’s Peter Wade.

Shortly afterwards, the Northeastern Health System – Sequoyah issued a statement completely rebuking the Rolling Stone article. In the statement, it was revealed that the doctor quoted in the Rolling Stone story was not even employed with NHS Sequoyah, had not worked at the location in months, and had not treated any patients related to ivermectin. The statement further debunks the Rolling Stone piece by stating that no patients have been turned away and that no ivermectin overdoses had occurred.

Although Dr. Jason McElyea is not an employee of NHS Sequoyah, he is affiliated with a medical staffing group that provides coverage for our emergency room.

With that said, Dr. McElyea has not worked at our Sallisaw location in over 2 months.

NHS Sequoyah has not treated any patients due to complications related to taking ivermectin. This includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose.

All patients who have visited our emergency room have received medical attention as appropriate. Our hospital has not had to turn away any patients seeking emergency care.

We want to reassure our community that our staff is working hard to provide quality healthcare to all patients. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify this issue and as always, we value our community’s support.

After the hospital issued the rebuking statement, Rolling Stone was forced to correct their story, but critics found the move dissatisfying. “Rolling Stone casually drops in an update to their article which is the statement from NHS that effectively boils down to “Everything you’re going to read below is based off an unsubstantiated report from a guy that doesn’t work with us and is lying to everyone reading this.”,” one user tweeted regarding the sham story.

Why would Rolling Stone not retract the story? Why was the discredited story repeated by the mainstream media outlets? The reason is that it is part of a smear compaign to discredit ivermectin as a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19.

Why would the mainstream media want to smear ivermectin? The FDA and the vaccine makers have a problem. And that problem is that scientific studies have proven that ivermectin is a safe and effective (and inexpensive) treatment for COVID-19. To continue the EUA for the COVID-19 vaccines, they need to maintain that “that there is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating such disease or condition.” The FDA controls what is approved. All the FDA needs to do is not approve ivermectin, and the EUA for the COVID-19 vaccines continue. And so, ivermectin must go. Thus, the FDA has announced:

On what basis does the FDA make that judgment that ivermectin is not safe or effective? The FDA claims:


That statement by the FDA is not true. There have been 63 studies of the safety and effectiveness of ivermectin in treating COVID-19. Meta-analysis of those studies found an average of 69% and 86% improvement for early treatment and prophylaxis. Those numbers are probably conservative because researchers found a negative bias against ivermectin in a review of the studies. The researchers determined that the statistical probability for the studies to falsely portray a positive outcome for ivermectin is one in one trillion.

In the face of that evidence of ivermectin efficacy, the FDA claims that “[c]urrently available data do not show ivermectin is effective against COVID-19.” There is no other way to put it: the FDA is lying.

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