The History of Vaccines Proving They Are Ineffective and Dangerous

A little-known fact is that the ineffective and dangerous practice of vaccination can be traced not to the deviant mind of Edward Jenner (1749-1823 A.D.) but to Dhahwntari (1,500 B.C.), who was considered the Vedic Father of Medicine.  See Eleanor McBean, The Poisoned Needle, at 29 (1957), quoting, “Lecture Memoranda,”XVII International Congress of Medicine, London, 1913. The practice of injecting vaccines is based on Hindu religious superstition. Vaccination is medical quackery. But because vaccinations fulfill the perverted ends of Satan and his minions, the practice flourishes.

Below is a presentation by Raymond Obomsawin, PhD, on immunity, infectious disease, and vaccination, which proves the danger and ineffectiveness of vaccinations.

Presentation by Raymond Obomsawin, PhD, on Immunity, Infectious Disease, and Vaccination
Raymond Obomsawin discussing chart showing sharp spike in infant deaths from flu after the CDC in 2002 mandated flu shots for children under five (5) years old.

Below is a backup video that is a duplicate of the video above. YouTube has a pattern of deleting information that undermines the orthodoxy of vaccinations. And so I am providing the video below from BitChute as a backup in the event YouTube deletes the above video.

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  1. Once you come to know who controls the zoo at the top of the chain and what is the agenda, than coming down from there is much easier to connect the dots down what has, is and will be happening in the near future regardless of what people do, and most will NOT DO ANYTHING.

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