What Science Calls Viruses May Really Be Exosomes

COVID-19 is an acronym that stands for “coronavirus disease 2019. There are many strains of coronavirus and they are theorized to cause cold and flu-like symptoms. An objective view of the evidence reveals that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than ordinary flu. Carl Robers succinctly explains that “[t]here is a cure for COVID-19 alright. And its called discernment. Covid19 is a hoax.”

Roberts’ statement is not just a polemic. The virus theory is only a working theory that has been accepted by the scientific community at large. There is a competing theory supported by a plurality of doctors and scientists called the exosome theory. Under the exosome theory, what are called viruses (including the coronavirus) are not actually viruses but rather exosomes, which are created by the body to fight disease. Exosomes are beneficial and not contagious.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Explains Exosome Theory

Germ Theory of Diseases Spread by Viruses Has Never Been Proven

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