Police Routed People in Circles Preventing Them From Fleeing the Immolation of Lahaina

In Jonathan Herzog’s video below, we find evidence the police kept rerouting traffic in a way that prevented the people from leaving Lahaina as the city was being immolated. As you watch the video, keep in mind that the police had continuous radio communication with their command center, which is orchestrating the traffic around Lahaina. Although electrical power was down, the police station had backup generators to power the command center. Nobody knows the streets of the city better than the police department. The command center had the big picture. This was not a mistake. The command center knew that the rerouting of the drivers in a loop through Lahaina corralled the drivers so that they could not leave Lahaina.

Herzog’s video starts on the morning of August 8, 2023, as he is leaving Lahaina to drive north to Napili. But he was prevented from leaving by a police blockade of the road.

The video picks up again at 2:56 p.m. when he decides to travel south to Kihei. At the 2:41 mark in the video, he is driving southbound on Front Street in Lahaina. But at the 2:50 mark in the video, we see him driving northbound, he puts a caption indicating that “THEY KEPT DETOURING US IN CIRCLES AND THEN I START TO SEE SMOKE.”  At the 3:17 mark in the video, we see that he is back traveling southbound on E 30 passing Dickenson Street.

At the 4:50 mark in the video, we then found him rerouted to drive northbound on Front Street. At the 5:22 mark in the video, he is once again traveling southbound (probably on E 30) passing the intersection of Papalaua Street. At the 6:50 mark in the video, he is traveling southbound, he sees the billowing smoke behind him and comments that there is a fire behind him and he is trying to get away from the area. But at the 7:30 mark in the video, he is rerouted to northbound Front Street for the second time, which is right back into the fire that he saw earlier. He soon realizes the peril he has been guided into. As the smoke approaches closer and closer he decides to park his car at Kingdom Hall and walk to the boat landing and pier. He eventually walks northbound along Front Street and out of Lahaina to safety. How many of the people who got trapped in their cars on Front Street did not make it?

Remnants of destroyed cars on Front Street that were caught in the traffic jam caused by a police blockade. The reporter states that the passengers fled their cars. But did they? How does he know? A directed energy weapon could have caught the passengers by surprise. If they were struck with a directed energy weapon, they would have been immolated as they sat in their cars.

Notice the high winds in Jonathan Herzog’s video. It is an offshore, easterly wind. The cover story is that Hurricane Dora caused the wind. But Hurricane Dora was approximately 500 miles south of Hawaii on August 8, 2023. Hurricane Dora was about 50 miles in diameter. The winds from Hurricane Dora would have completely dissipated 500 miles from the eye of the hurricane.  Thus, a hurricane 500 miles away would have no effect on Lahaina. Hurricane Dora was too far away to have caused the high winds on Maui.

The ironclad proof that Hurricane Dora did not cause the high winds is that Hurricane Dora remained about the same size and strength and about 500 miles south of Maui on August 9, 2023. Hurricane Dora had traveled about 400 miles west by August 9th, but the westerly travel of Hurricane Dora did not change the fact that Hurricane Dora remained about 500 miles south of Lahaina on August 9, 2023. However, as you can see in Jonathan Herzog’s video, the high winds had completely died down by the morning of August 9, 2023. The high winds were a weather modification effect of directed energy weapons.

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