Masks Cause the Same Symptoms Listed for COVID-19 “Probable Cases”

States can now classify someone with COVID-19 even though they have not tested positive for COVID-19. They have done that through the contrivance of a new category that they have titled a “probable case of COVID-19.” To add confusion the CDC allows for such untested cases to be listed as either “probable” or “presumed.”

States are now adding “probable cases” to those who actually test positive for COVID-19. Those who test positive for COVID-19 are now called “confirmed cases.” But that distinction between “confirmed cases” and “probable cases” is not made when the total number of COVID-19 infections are reported. States typically only report the total case numbers.

One of the ways a person can be a “probable case” of COVID-19 is if a physician guesses from the patient’s symptoms about the patient’s status as a person with COVID-19. The Texas Department of State Health Services “[i]n accordance with The Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE),” has set forth some general guidelines for doctors to consider when making the guess about whether a person who has not been tested can nonetheless be considered a probable case of COVID-19. A person can be listed as a COVID-19 case without any laboratory testing if the person meets the criteria in two categories: clinical and epidemiological.

The clinical category criteria list the symptoms displayed by the patient. Those symptoms are then juxtaposed against the epidemiological category, which simply means that those symptoms are compared to some surrounding circumstances (like the person was in close contact with another person who is listed as a probable case of COVID-19) from which it can be inferred that the manifested symptoms are from COVID-19. Basically, the doctor is making a guess that the person has COVID-19 based on the listed criteria, without ever actually testing the patient for COVID-19.

It is interesting to note that many of the listed clinical criteria for a COVID-19 probable case are symptoms that are common for persons who wear masks. For example, one of the listed clinical symptoms for COVID-19 is a headache. Cove, a professional medical blog devoted to migraine and headache relief, reveals:

2006 study of 212 healthcare workers required to wear the medical-grade N95 face mask found that 37% said the mask gave them headaches, and 32% of those people had headaches more than six times a month. In a newer study at the National University Hospital in Singapore, 81% of medical personnel who wore the N95 mask for 6 hours a day developed headaches. 23% of participants said their headaches included migraine symptoms like nausea and photophobia.

The headaches caused by wearing a mask are a direct result of the lowered oxygen in the blood (hypoxia) and the raised carbon dioxide in the blood (hypercapnia). As long as people continue to wear masks and display the flu-like symptoms that result from the hypoxia and hypercapnia caused by the masks, those people will be classified as probable COVID-19 cases. Dr. Russell Blaylock explains that:

Studies have shown that hypoxia can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections called the CD4+ T-lymphocyte. This occurs because the hypoxia increases the level of a compound called hypoxia inducible factor-1 (HIF-1), which inhibits T-lymphocytes and stimulates a powerful immune inhibitor cell called the Tregs. This sets the stage for contracting any infection, including COVID-19.

That means that the very masks that people wear to prevent COVID-19 may cause a myriad of diseases, including influenza and even COVID-19 itself.  Indeed, it seems that the alleged COVID-19 cases are actually influenza cases being misdiagnosed as COVID-19 cases. That explains why influenza disappeared during the 2020-2021 influenza season. People who wear masks may be showing up at their doctor’s office with the flu because they wore a mask.

Under the new probable case definition, the very symptoms that would be typical of the flu and caused by the masks would be deemed to be COVID-19. Under the new “probable case” definition, a person would be listed as a COVID-19 case if he has a headache (which is a typical side effect of wearing a mask) and also has a fever or muscle aches or a sore throat or difficulty smelling things or difficulty tasting things and was within the last 14 days in close contact with another person who was deemed to be a “probable case” for COVID-19.

Get this, a person with the above symptoms does not even need to have been in contact with a person who was deemed a probable COVID-19 case. Under the new criteria, a person who manifests the above symptoms could be considered a probable COVID-19 case if he traveled to or had a residence “in an area with sustained, ongoing community transmission” of COVID-19.

Oddly, if a person lives in an area where there is a COVID-19 breakout and he only has a cough, and he has no other symptoms at all, a doctor could just guess that the person has COVID-19 if he doesn’t know what else could be the reason for the cough. That person who only has a cough would then be listed as a COVID-19 case.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, the new guidelines allow a person with a cough to be listed as a probable COVID-19 case if he comes in contact with someone in the last 14 days who does not actually have COVID-19. If the non-COVID-19 person has symptoms that resemble those of COVID-19, and that person with those symptoms has within 14 days had close contact with another person who was a confirmed case of COVID-19, then anyone who develops a cough within 14 days of his contact with the non-COVID-19 person will be deemed a COVID-19 case. You cannot make this stuff up. I know it sounds weird, and it is. You can download the file from The Texas Department of State Health Services and read it for yourself.

That guess by the doctor that his patient has COVID-19 would be made in the absence of any actual testing for COVID-19. Thus, the government authorities can keep the COVID-19 scam going indefinitely. What a scam!

The government authorities order people to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. When those people display flu-like symptoms from wearing a mask, the mask-wearers are classified as “probably” infected with COVID-19, even though they never tested positive for COVID-19. That elevates the COVID-19 infection statistics which results in a call by the public authorities to maintain the orders to wear masks. The longer a person wears a mask the more likely that they will display flu-like symptoms caused by hypoxia and hypercapnia.  The mask-wearers who display the flu-like symptoms are then added to the probable COVID-19 numbers, even though they do not actually have COVID-19. This has the effect of artificially inflating the COVID-19 statistics. It is a vicious never-ending cycle of deception.

Texas Scorecard provided a chart obtained from the Collin County, Texas, Health Department, that revealed how the New COVID-19 infection definition has the potential for inflating the COVID-19 statistics 17 fold.

The chart below was created by the Virginia Department of Health. It shows the sudden drop in COVID-19 among school children once the mask mandate in schools was ended. This demonstrates that when people wear masks they develop and display the flu-like symptoms that result from the hypoxia and hypercapnia caused by the masks. These Virginia schoolchildren were being classified as probable COVID-19 cases.

States can classify someone with COVID-19 even though they have not tested positive for COVID-19. The longer a person wears a mask the more likely that they will display flu-like symptoms caused by hypoxia and hypercapnia.  The mask-wearers who display the flu-like symptoms are then added to the probable COVID-19 numbers, even though they do not actually have COVID-19. This has the effect of artificially inflating the COVID-19 statistics. It is a vicious never-ending cycle of deception. Thankfully, the newly elected Governor of Virginia put an end to the cycle of deception and in doing so he has exposed the scam.

On March 29, 2022, Frank Stockes reported for National File:

Newly reported cases of COVID-19 in Virginia’s children have dropped by a whopping 93% since Governor Glenn Youngkin ordered an end to school mask mandates upon taking office this January.

A graph from the Virginia Department of Health charting newly reported COVID-19 cases in Virginians aged 0-19 was recently released showing the wild success of Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin’s executive order bringing an end to Virginia’s school mask mandates, which were enforced on children against the will of their parents.

Despite hysterical warnings from those who claimed countless teachers and children would die were face freedom restored to Virginia’s youth, newly reported COVID cases in the state’s 0-19 age bracket have dropped by a whopping 93% since Governor Youngkin’s executive order restoring parental rights went into effect. Though a number of left-wing school districts resisted Youngkin’s order, claiming that state law allowed them the right to forcibly cover kids’ faces, Youngkin later signed a bill passed by the state’s legislature that made face freedom in schools the law of the land.

Even some Democrats, like Senator Chap Petersen, who tends to be more pro-freedom than the rest of his party, pitched in to help liberate Virginia’s kids, further isolating those on the radical left from normal Virginians.

“Two months after new Governor Glenn Youngkin ended school mask mandates, cases among kids aged 0-19 in Virginia are down 93%,” pro-freedom author Ian Miller, who has gone to great lengths to expose the oppressive COVID tyranny agenda wrote in a tweet, also including a Department of Health graph proving the drop in cases.

“There is quite literally no evidence or data based argument to support forcibly masking kids in schools,” Miller’s tweet went on, echoing the assertion of parents nationwide who are tired of being told how to raise and care for their children.

According to a Virginia Department of Health graph shared on Twitter by Miller, cases of COVID among Virginians aged 0-19 peaked under ex-Governor Ralph Northam and the Democrats’ school mask mandates. Some days, thousands of new childhood COVID cases were reported as kids were forced to sit in school for hours with a germ-collecting mask pressed to their face – and no right to remove it!

Immediately following the January 24th executive order to end school mask mandates in Virginia, the number of newly reported childhood COVID cases, which had reached as many as over 3,000 in one day, began a steady decline. By the end of February, cases had leveled out towards the bottom of the graph.



Despite the good news that Virginia’s school kids are both safe and free to show their faces, some districts and pro-maskers within them have fought tooth and nail to keep masks on the faces of other people’s children. Just recently, US District Court Judge Norman Moon ruled that 12 medically unwell children in Virginia can force their classes to make “reasonable modifications” to their setting, including the forced masking of other children against their own will and that of their parents.

That case was brought to the court by pro-mask parents and the far-left ACLU, who celebrated the ruling, boasting that it will serve as a “blueprint” for the continued forced masking of kids in school.

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