The Deception of the Coriolis Effect on Earth

Below is a video at the equator that purports to prove that the earth is spinning by demonstrating that water swirls clockwise from the northern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere. That is supposed to prove that the earth is a spinning globe and thus the water manifests the alleged Coriolis effect from that spin.

EQUATOR LINE1 from safle on Vimeo.

Below is another video at the same equator. In the below video the water spins counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Just the opposite of the trick performed in the above video. Apparently, the scam artists did not communicate with one another. If there is a real Coriolis effect from an allegedly spinning earth it should be consistent. The earth cannot be spinning in two different directions at the same time. It is a parlor trick for stupid tourists.

Below is a video where it is demonstrated how the tricksters performed their trick. It is all a matter of how the water is poured into the basin. An ever-so-slight angle of the pour on one side or the other of the drain will create a vortex in that direction.

Below is an excerpt from The Greatest Lie on Earth (Expanded Edition). In that book, the author explains the deception of the alleged Coriolis effect on the earth. In fact, no such Coriolis effect is manifested. Why? Because the earth is not spinning.

The Encyclopedia Britannica provided a graphic to explain the Coriolis force on the supposedly spinning globular earth. The graphic is reproduced below.

The problem with the above illustration from the Encyclopedia Britannica is that it has no basis in fact. The Coriolis Force is very real. If the earth were in fact a spinning globe, the Coriolis effect would be manifested. The problem is that there is no such Coriolis effect taking place on earth. Which means that the earth is not spinning. The different directions of rotation of hurricanes in northern and southern latitudes has nothing to do with the claimed Coriolis effect of the spinning earth.

Airplanes that fly north and south do not adjust their flight paths to account for any Coriolis effect. For example, assuming the heliocentric model with the earth traveling at more than 1,000 mph at the equator, the Coriolis effect would cause a plane flying from Buffalo, New York to Miami, Florida to fly off course in a westerly direction due to the supposed faster spin of the earth as the airplane approaches the wider circumference of the earth at the latitude of Miami, Florida. Yet, in reality, the flight arrives in Miami on time and without the pilot having to adjust for any Coriolis effect due to the rotation of the earth.

Indeed, if there were a Coriolis effect it would be nearly impossible to land a plane on a runway. A runway that runs north and south would be careening at approximately 1,000 miles per hour across the path of the airplane, which would make it impossible to line up the airplane for a landing.

The Coriolis effect for spinning objects is real. Modern scientists must sell the myth that there is a Coriolis effect manifested on the earth, in order to make the spinning earth seem real. The fact that there is no Coriolis effect on the earth, creates a real problem for “scientists.” Their solution to that little problem is to lie. They claim that there is a Coriolis effect, when there is not. The following from the National Geographic is an example of the modern explanation of the Coriolis effect that is supposed to be manifested on earth, but is, in fact, completely absent.

Let’s pretend you’re standing at the Equator and you want to throw a ball to your friend in the middle of North America. If you throw the ball in a straight line, it will appear to land to the right of your friend because he’s moving slower and has not caught up.

Now let’s pretend you’re standing at the North Pole. When you throw the ball to your friend, it will again appear to land to the right of him. But this time, it’s because he’s moving faster than you are and has moved ahead of the ball.

This apparent deflection is the Coriolis effect. …

Fast-moving objects such as airplanes and rockets are influenced by the Coriolis effect. Pilots must take the Earth’s rotation into account when charting flights over long distances. This means most planes are not flown in straight lines, even if the airports are directly across the continent from each other. The line between Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon, for instance, is very long, and fairly straight. However, a plane flying from Portland, Oregon, could not fly in a straight line and land in Portland, Maine. Flying east, the Coriolis effect seems to bend to the right, in a southerly direction. If the Oregon pilot flew in a straight line, the plane would end up near New York or Pennsylvania.

Military aircraft and missile-control technology must calculate the Coriolis effect for similar reasons. The target of an air raid could be missed entirely, and innocent people and civilian structures could be damaged. …

The Coriolis force applies to movement on rotating objects. It is determined by the mass of the object and the object’s rate of rotation. The Coriolis force is perpendicular to the object’s axis. The Earth spins on its axis from west to east. The Coriolis force, therefore, acts in a north-south direction. The Coriolis force is zero at the Equator.

Though the Coriolis force is useful in mathematical equations, there is actually no physical force involved. Instead, it is just the ground moving at a different speed than an object in the air.

The National Geographic is just one of many examples of a massive deception. The earth is supposed to be spinning at approximately 1,000 miles per hour at the equator. Because the circumference of a ball is smaller north and south of the equator, the earth does not spin at as great a speed at higher and lower latitudes. Portland, Oregon, is at 45 degrees north latitude from the equator and the purported spin of the earth at that latitude is approximately 700 miles per hour. Portland, Maine, is at 44 degrees North latitude with the spin of the earth only a tiny bit faster than 700 miles per hour. The Coriolis effect is supposed to put the airplane in New York if the pilot simply tried to fly the airplane straight and level toward Portland, Maine. That is simply not true. The pilot sets his heading toward Portland, Maine and accounts only for wind conditions. The pilot makes no accommodation whatsoever for a Coriolis effect, because the earth is not spinning; there is no Coriolis effect to calculate.

The national Geographic alleges that “military aircraft and missile-control technology must calculate the Coriolis effect.” The National Geographic cites to no authority for its statement, for the simple reason that no authority exists. No authority exists because it is not true. The National Geographic is simply making things up to fool the gullible public into believing that the earth is spinning at an incredible speed.

The theory of the Coriolis effect in the National Geographic example is that the eastbound airplane would be able to keep up with the speed of the allegedly spinning earth, because the airplane at take-off would be adding its speed to the 700 mph speed of the runway in Portland, Oregon. The problem with that argument is that it assumes that the runway is lined up due-east, and the airplane is taking off from the runway in a due-east direction.

The Coriolis effect is supposed to be based upon the spin of the earth and the fact that objects in motion over the spinning earth are moving independent of the spin of the earth once they are in motion. If there truly were a Coriolis effect on earth, it would pose a real problem for plane flights. If a plane were to take off from an airport in Portland, Oregon, in a North/South runway and turned east to fly to Portland, Maine, the airplane would never make it to Portland, Maine. That is because, the airplane would be traveling at approximately 560 miles per hour once it reached cruising altitude. The earth, however, would be spinning at 700 miles per hour eastbound beneath the airplane. The airplane would never be able to catch up with the speed of the earth’s spin. The airplane would be constantly losing distance over the ground at the rate of 140 miles per hour. Essentially the airplane would be moving backwards over the ground.

What is found is exactly the opposite. An airplane traveling eastbound from Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine, would in fact have a shorter flight time than an airplane traveling westbound from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon. The reason has nothing to do with the spin of the earth. The high velocity eastbound winds at high altitude, known as the jet stream, carry the airplanes along and allow eastbound flights to have a faster ground speed. The jet stream can have wind speeds ranging from 60 miles per hour to over 250 miles per hour. That same jet stream is a hindrance to westbound flights. It was reported in January, 2015, that a British Airways Boeing 777-200 Jet was able to travel at ground speeds in excess of 745 miles per hour as it traveled in the eastbound jet stream of approximately 250 miles per hour. Incidentally, the speed of sound is 760 miles per hour at sea level.

David Wardlaw Scott explains experiments done in England at the turn of the 20th century, using a cannon, which showed that there was no Coriolis effect whatsoever manifested on earth, thus indicating that the earth is motionless. In the experiments, a cannon was fixed firmly on the ground in a precisely vertical position. The cannon was fired. The cannon ball ascended for 14 seconds vertically and it took 14 seconds for the cannon ball to fall back to earth, for a total of 28 second aloft. If the earth were traveling eastward at 600 miles per hour at the latitude in England, the cannon ball would be expected to land almost 5 miles to the west of the cannon. However, that did not happen. The cannon ball fell generally within 2 feet of the cannon. In a couple of instances, the cannon ball actually returned to the cannon’s mouth.

If there were any spin to the earth causing a Coriolis effect, it would have been discovered by now. Yet every single experiment ever performed to detect the motion of the earth has returned a null result (e.g., the Michelson/Morley experiment). Real-life experiments have proven that there is no Coriolis effect on Earth, because the earth is stationary. Governmental educational systems, however, persist in pushing the myth of a Coriolis effect on a supposedly spinning Earth. Indeed, they must argue that there is a Coriolis effect, because if they let it be known that there is no Coriolis effect, that would let the cat out of the bag that the earth is stationary. For example, below is an illustration from the Coastal Practice Network, which is funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund.

Indeed, if there were truly a Coriolis effect on earth as depicted in the above illustration, then the artillery officers and snipers would be trained to consider the spin of the earth in making their calculations for accurate firing. Yet, you will look in vain for any mention of Coriolis effect in any military artillery or sniper instruction manual. In all of the wars fought throughout history, no soldier has ever been instructed to consider the Coriolis effect of a spinning Earth when sighting in a target with his artillery piece or other weapon. The folly of adjusting for a mythical Coriolis effect would be immediately apparent, as the soldier’s round would travel off course and miss the target.

This author is a former federal firearms instructor. I have seen many thousands of rounds shot from all kinds of firearms at various distances. I have never witnessed any round fired ever be affected by the alleged Coriolis effect. I have never read the Coriolis effect discussed in any firearms manual; nor have I ever heard it be discussed by any firearms instructor as something to consider in the use of any firearm, from any distance.

If, in the real world, those whose lives depend on the accuracy of their performance using weapons do not consider the Coriolis effect, that is convincing evidence that there is no Coriolis effect on earth. That means that the earth is not spinning. All of the pretty colored diagrams showing a spinning earth with cannon balls going off-course due to the supposed Coriolis effect depict an unreal myth. The earth is fixed and does not move.

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  1. When you are an anti-Zionist and a flat earther and you try to share these things, you end up feeling pretty alone. Being right is a lonely job, the sheeple don’t want to know that the Synagogue of Satan and their convert Ashkenazis who Jesus warned us would be twice the sons of Satan that they were have made the Faustian bargain with Satan, and he has allowed them to gain control of the central banking and bought off politicians of nearly every country in the world.

  2. Regarding the very last point about rifle accuracy, When I took up long range shooting, I was wrongly of the expectation that the Coriolis effect mattered. The only reason that I had this expectation was because of Hollywood (Shooter). Since then, most people I trained under at the range have stated that it’s effect is minor, relative to more dominant problems with long range shooting, mainly, long range wind estimation, which is variable along a prolonged flight path.

    In all of the lecture material of the 7th SFG, Coriolis Effect is never discussed at all. This to me answers that question.

    I own a number of books on long range shooting, some published recently, and some close to 100 years old. The recently published books do not mention it. None of the military reprints mention it, that I am aware of. Only in two books have I seen Coriolis mentioned. In Understanding Firearm Ballistics, by R. Rinker, there is some discussion about Coriolis Effect (4th edition). This book mentions the history of the discovery of the Coriolis effect (pp. 106-7), and expectations.
    The author mentions that it would only be noticeable beyond 1000 yards and is not practical.
    He also mentions that overall this a 1/10th inch curve for 125 yards, which I interpret as 1 inch of variation at 1250 yards.
    First, most people that claim even 1/4 MOA with a rifle only make that claim within the first few hundred yards. In general, for 1/8 MOA performance, I have not met anyone adjusting for “Coriolis” at a benchrest match, unless they have been keeping this competitive edge to themselves.
    For anyone shooting 1250 yards and beyond, as I have on occasion, there is too much variation in wind over that distance to say for sure what contributes to the variation. A search only shows claims of the “best group in history” of 1 inch at 1000 yards, so 0.1 MOA is certainly possible.

    As an aside, one of the most common ballistic calculators lets you select “Coriolis Effect” in the Holdover calculation, and usually the calculator calls for minimal adjustments, eg. 0.1 mils at 1000 yards on 6.5 creedmoor and on .330 Norma Mag both on AI AXMC platform, likely because the adjustment stops at one decimal.

    Rinker also mentions “Book of the Rifle” by Freemantle, which says it has a major impact.

    Also, for what it’s worth, among the few declassified NASA documents that mention the flat, nonrotating Earth, 1000 mph rotation seems to be a negligible, at least in the select files declassified, such as with the rocket launch calculation.

    NASA Technical Note; Calculation of Wind Compensation for Launching of Unguided Rockets (Page 8 Trajectory Simulation, 2nd Paragraph) …”this simulation assumes … the missile position in space is computed relative to a flat nonrotating Earth”

    https //

  3. It would be a far briefer exercise to say what isn’t a conspiracy, than what is.
    As Wm. Casey stated, when everything the American people believed was false, then his job would be done.

    • The earth is a flat circle. The sun and moon rotate overhead. The modern science of heliocentrism is based more on religious superstition than it is empirical observation. Indeed, scientific observations that allegedly support heliocentrism are plugged into religious dogma before they are then accepted as science. That is not hyperbole. For example, Johannes Kepler first postulated the generally accepted scientific theory today that the planets travel in ellipses around the sun. Paul Sutter, who is an astrophysicist at Ohio State University, the chief scientist at COSI Science Center, and host of Ask a Spaceman, RealSpace, and COSI Science Now, explains that Johannes Kepler based his theory of planetary motion on his superstitious religious beliefs.

      “Kepler penned a work in defense of the Copernican model, but not on physical or mathematical grounds — Kepler’s argument was religious. He said that since the son of God was at the center of the Christian faith, the sun ought to be at the center of the universe. Ergo, heliocentrism.”

      Nicolaus Copernicus’ heliocentric model could not adequately explain the motions of planets. Kepler solved that problem by constructing his theory that the planets do not travel around the sun in circular orbits but rather elliptical orbits. Who exactly was Kepler? Sutter explains that “Kepler’s day job was as the court astrologer for the Holy Roman Emperor. Yes: astrologer. Horoscopes and stuff.” The Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II (1552-1612) was King of Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, and Archduke of Austria. Emperor Rudolf II was a devotee of occult arts and sciences.

      That means that Kepler, the great scientist who came up with the theory of planetary elliptical motion that is still used today to explain heliocentrism, was a heathen astrologer. Kepler plugged his observations into his superstitious belief in astrology and presto-chango his religious beliefs became the laws of planetary motion that are still accepted today as irrefutable scientific facts.

      I explain all of this in great detail in my two books: 1) The Greatest Lie on Earth, and 2) The Sphere of Influence.

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