Shooter’s Video of the Christchurch Shooting is Being Suppressed Because It Proves the Alleged Massacre Was a Hoax

Below are frames from the shooter’s headgear mounted video camera taken during the alleged March 15, 2019 Christchurch, New Zealand, massacre at a Muslim mosque. Once it was discovered that the video itself proves that it was not an actual shooting but a hoax, the New Zealand authorities went into overdrive banning all broadcasts of the shooter’s video. They instituted criminal penalties on anyone broadcasting or even watching the video. The New Zealand government then engaged in an international campaign to scrub the video from the internet.

The single glaring fact proving the shooting was a hoax is that after the shooter fires his shotgun through the windshield of his getaway car, the windshield remains intact. Indeed, there is no damage visible on the windshield. This is obvious proof that the shooter was shooting blanks.

The camera used by the March 15, 2019 Christchurch shooter was mounted on his headgear. With such a configuration, there is no way to know that the shooter is white. That is unhelpful for those who are orchestrating a hate crime hoax. And so the shooter does something very strange. Prior to arriving at the Muslim mosque, the shooter takes off his headgear and points that camera at his own face so that he can be clearly depicted as a white male shooter. The media, on cue, then painted him as being part of a “far-right neo-Nazi group.” This has all the earmarks of a false flag intelligence operation.

Similarly, prior to the May 14, 2022, Buffalo, NY, shooting, the shooter is seen through the head-mounted in his own rearview mirror prior to arriving at the shooting site. Nobody drives with their rearview mirror pointed at themselves. But those orchestrating the hate-crime hoax needed to establish that the shooter was a white male. The rearview mirror reflection was their solution.

Shooter’s Video Reveals That the Buffalo Shooting Was Fake

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