Strange Statements By Parents of Alleged Uvalde School Shooting Victim

Watch this very strange post-Uvalde elementary school shooting interview of the parents of Annabelle Guadalupe Rodriguez, who was a student allegedly killed at the school.

The first strange thing about the interview is that the father has a suspicious pause when spelling his name. It is as though he must think about how to spell his own name.

At the time of the interview, the parents do not know that their child has been killed. They only know she is missing. The second strange thing is that the father states that he found out that his daughter was missing through his daughter’s mother. This is where it gets weird. He states that the mother learned his daughter was missing by calling her daughter. According to what the father is alleging, the daughter told her mother over the telephone that she is missing. As unreal as that is, it is even more illogical. The daughter was not missing, she had been killed. How could a dead daughter tell her mother she is missing?

The next strange thing is that the mother refers to her daughter as “the daughter.”

Stranger still is that the reporter asks the mother: “Do you know what grade she’s in?” That is not a question you ask a mother of a child. You would ask a mother “in what grade is your child?” You would not ask a mother if she knows what grade her child is in.  An ordinary reporter would assume that the mother knows the grade her child is in.

But the mother did not disappoint the reporter. The mother revealed that “we,” meaning her and the father, did not know what grade their daughter was in.  She stated they only know her age and her teacher’s name. The news reporter then immediately states: “Third-grader, thank you.” To which the mother responds: “Ya.”

The mother and father indicated that their daughter was 10 years old. In an ordinary situation, a 10-year-old girl would be in the 4th grade, and not the 3rd grade. The reporter knows nothing specific about the child, she does not know whether she was held back a year or anything of that nature. Yet, the reporter blurts out “third-grader” and the mother immediately agrees that the daughter was in the 3rd grade. The typical grade advancement for a child in the U.S. is:

Kindergarten: Start at 5 years old; end at 6 years old.
1st Grade: Start at 6 years old; end at 7 years old.
2nd Grade: Start at 7 years old; end at 8 years old.
3rd Grade: Start at 8 years old; end at 9 years old.
4th Grade: Start at 9 years old; end at 10 years old.
5th Grade: Start at 10 years old; end at 11 years old.

News Reporter: “How did you hear about it.”

Father: “Her mom called her.”


Mother: “They told us to come here. That this is the best bet to try finding the daughter.”


News Reporter: Do you know what grade she’s in?

Mother: We don’t know the grade, but we know the age, she’s 10 years old, and her teacher’s name is Hobnos Horeas [sp?].

News Reporter: Third-grader, thank you.

Mother: “Ya.”

What are the chances that just two months earlier, on March 22, 2022, the Uvalde High School would have an active shooter training exercise? Further, what are the chances that the wife of the very officer who conducted the active shooter drill on March 22, 2022, would be shot and killed during the May 31, 2022 Evalde Robb Elementary School shooting?

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  1. 100% Hoax. One crisis actor child stated he survived because he played dead but his friend got their nose shot off/shot through their nose.
    Can’t make this stuff up!
    They don’t try very hard because they know most will believe it without question.

  2. My favorite shooting story was a girl from the Parkland psyop who said she put her holyhoax book up to her head which stopped the bullets Way to tie in those who paid for it.

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