Proof of U.S. Election Rigging by the Communist Party of China

The following video published on December 14, 2020, from The Epoch News is one of the first documentaries about fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. It explains in detail how the fraud was perpetrated and how Joe Biden stole the election. Combining this information with the documentary from Mike Lindell and one can get a clear picture of how the Communist Party of China rigged the election to steal it away from Donald Trump and give it to Joe Biden.

The documentary video reveals deep financial connections between Joe Biden and the Communist Party of China. After watching the documentary you will understand why Joe Biden repeatedly refused to engage in public appearances during his presidential campaign and many times announced at the beginning of the day that he was putting a lid on the campaign. It made no sense at the time. But it makes perfect sense now when you see the evidence that the election was rigged. Biden knew all along he did not need to campaign because the fix was in.

We will soon find out what the people in communist countries know too well; communist rule is lawless. Under communism, the people are subject to the arbitrary and capricious whims of the state, unhinged from any limitation. Under the Biden Administration, the United States will degenerate quickly from the rule of law to the rule of the state. The Epoch News summarizes their investigation as follows:

On election night, on Nov. 3, an assortment of anomalies were observed, followed by a large number of specific allegations of election fraud. As the integrity of the election continued to be questioned and evidence continued to emerge, most mainstream media stuck to a one-sided narrative by calling the 2020 election the most secure in American history, and sought to silence opposing voices.

The results of the 2020 election will not only decide the future of the United States, but also determine the future of the world.

Following election night, The Epoch Times’ investigative team quickly went to work. In an attempt to uncover the issues behind the election, investigative reporter Joshua Phillip traveled across the country to swing states to interview whistleblowers, big data experts, and election experts.

This is the first investigative documentary published on election integrity in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Why was the vote count halted in key swing states on election night? What are the problems and potential fraud associated with mail-in ballots? Is Dominion Voting Systems secure or not? What lies behind the $400 million received by the parent company of Dominion Voting Systems less than a month before the election? Who is trying to manipulate the U.S. election behind the scenes? Who is the benefactor of an increasingly divided American society? What will become of America at this historical juncture?

What choice should you, I, and every American patriot make? The Epoch Times’ investigative team presents to you a detailed investigative report.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this important information. There seems to be an interlocking relationship between Communist China, Zionists and the Catholic Church. I knew from the beginning which you confirmed that Trump was a a Zionist hack and he surrounded himself with Jesuits, Now we have a Catholic President working with the evils in Rome for world conquest and elimination of Protestants.

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