Documentary Video Presents Compelling Evidence That the Earth Is Flat and Stationary

Level 2021

LEVEL 2021 – Flat Earth Documentary from VICTOR DRIVER on Vimeo.

The Next Level (2022)

The Next Level (2022) from The Next Level (2022) on Vimeo.

Long-Distance Radio Transmissions Prove That the Earth is Flat

The North Star Proves the Earth Does Not Move

They Teach That the Earth Is a Spinning Globe So That People Will Doubt God Exists

PBS Caught Using CGI in an Experiment to Falsely Show the Earth is a Sphere

New Moon Occurring at Night Proves Heliocentric Model is Wrong

Company’s Space Travel Plans Using Balloons Reveals the Vacuum of Space is a Myth

Propaganda Misfire by National Geographic

Dr. Danny Faulkner Caught Speaking Lies

5 thoughts on “Documentary Video Presents Compelling Evidence That the Earth Is Flat and Stationary

  1. I think the best proof are the airline flights. All pilots know the earth is flat, all airlines know the earth is flat and many are finally saying it, despite corporate pressure not to speak it. Anyone can look at a globe and compare it with a flat earth map and then log on to flights from New Zealand to Chile. Why would they have a stop over at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)? That make NO SENSE on a globe model, but is a straight route stop over on the flat earth map. Shouldn’t all those flight be much shorter and quicker per the globe?

  2. Heliocentrism derived via the imagination …….indeed……. Heliocentrism resides ONLY in the imagination.

  3. Too bad that all these guys are LIMITED Hangouts!! These videos also prop up MEN, who use “Flat Earth” to make money from it.

  4. How can you say flat earth is a limited hangout?
    It is the final frontier of all conspiracy research.
    Nothing is more hidden, and pounded into our
    heads from the time we enter kindergarten.
    You cannot do a limted hangout with flat earth.
    It is literally an oxymoron.

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