Zionist Jews Reveal Their Power by Banning a Book That Exposes Their Worldwide Conspiracy Against God and Man

Bloody Zion Banned by Amazon

Lulu Press was a printer and distributor used by this author. Lulu Press terminated this author’s account without informing me they had done so. I found out my account had been shut down on August 25, 2022, when I could not log in to it and sought support from the technical staff. Lulu Press responded to my support request by informing me that my account had been terminated because my book, Bloody Zion, violated its membership agreement. Lulu Press did not simply refuse to print the book; it deleted my entire account, which contained more than ten books published in hard copy and ebook formats. Bloody Zion had been printed by Lulu Press and listed on its bookstore since 2012.

In their August 25, 2022 email, the Lulu Press Questionable Content Team gave several alternative reasons for deleting my account, ranging from invasion of privacy to defamation. They did not specify which was the actual reason. And none of the enumerated reasons applied to Bloody Zion. But they had a nebulous catch-all standard that allowed them to arbitrarily and capriciously delete an account for almost any reason. They stated in the email notice that an alternative reason for deleting my account could be if my book contained material that was “otherwise questionable and/or determined by us in our sole discretion to violate our Membership Agreement.” Lulu Press deleted my account with a perfunctory statement: “As a result, we must remove your Content from availability and terminate your Lulu Account.”

Lulu Press did not specify what part of the membership agreement the book violated, and when I emailed them asking how my book violated that agreement, they refused to respond. Lulu Press certainly was not going to admit the real reason for deleting my account. It did so to stop the circulation of Bloody Zion because it accurately portrayed the hegemony of the worldwide Zionist conspiracy against God and man.

The Lulu Press’s termination of this author’s account was followed on December 2, 2022, by Amazon removing the hard copy of Bloody Zion from Amazon’s website. The hard copy of Bloody Zion had been listed on Amazon since approximately 2012. Amazon also suspended this author’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account, containing eight of my ebooks, including Bloody Zion, published for Kindle.

When this author asked Amazon why they suspended my KDP account, they informed me that Bloody Zion contained content they “considered offensive” in violation of their content guidelines. Undoubtedly, Amazon removed the hard copy of Bloody Zion for the same reason they shut down my KDP account.

As a condition to lifting the KDP account suspension, Amazon demanded I declare in writing that “I will remove any previously published titles that do not meet these guidelines.” Such a declaration would amount to an implied admission that Bloody Zion contained offensive content as defined by Amazon, which I would not do. I contested Amazon’s December 12, 2022, KDP shutdown; I asked Amazon in an email to point to a passage they deemed offensive in my book. Amazon responded to my question by falsely claiming that they had not received a reply from me. It seems that Amazon will only accept capitulation, and because I would not admit the violation, they ignored my response. In that same email, Amazon told me, “[w]e are terminating your account immediately.” Amazon explained that “[a]s part of the termination process: We will close your account; You’ll receive any unpaid royalties you have earned; You’ll no longer have access to your accounts; This includes, editing your titles, viewing your reports and accessing any other information within your account; All of your published titles will be removed from sale on Amazon; Additionally, as per our Terms and Conditions, you aren’t allowed to open any new KDP accounts.”

Lulu Press and Amazon’s account terminations testify to the power and influence of the Jewish world oligarchy. Just as when Jesus Christ walked the earth, so is it today; governments, corporations, and individuals are all imbued with “fear of the Jews.” See John 7:13.

The actions of shutting down my accounts and banning Bloody Zion bear witness to the validity of the book’s evidence about the worldwide Zionist conspiracy against God and man. If the information in the book were false, then the Zionist cabal would want the book to remain in circulation so that they could hold it up, refute its claims, and prove their innocence. But the information in the book is verifiably accurate; they cannot refute it, so the Zionist Jews must use their power to suppress the book. The censoring of the book authenticates its contents.

There is no doubt that this is just the beginning of the censorship of this book. It presently remains for sale in other venues. But the Jewish influence is broad, and the noose is tightening. Please share this crucial information with others while the book is still available. God commands us to get wisdom and understanding. “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7. Ruin awaits those who violate God’s command and willfully remain ignorant. “My people perish from a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6. Above all, pray to the Lord Jesus Christ. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16.

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  1. Really inspired by your books, sir, fortunately I discovered I had bought this one from Amazon but not yet read it! I am now rectifying that
    P.S. looking forward to a book on the Mudflood and Christ’s Millenial reign which has already occurred as he said it would (check out Fomenko’s dismantling of accepted chronology) all the very best

    • Good For you. Christ rulles forever = the thousand years are up and Satan has been let lose for a short while. Human have repopulated the desolate places which occured when Jesus returned to collect the chosen ones. my perspective

  2. After reading this, I have gained a newfound respect for you and your writing. I may not agree with everything or even anything that you write, but I will agree on your right to write it.

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