Insurance Company Announced an Unprecedented 40% Increase in Deaths Since the Rollout of the COVID-19 Vaccines

Riener Fuellmch mentioned in an interview that the CEO of a large insurance company revealed that there has been an unprecedented 40% increase in mortality in 2021. I checked out his statement and was able to verify it. I found that on or before January 11, 2021, Scott Davidson, CEO of OneAmerica Insurance Company revealed that there has been a 40% increase in mortality in 2021. Scott Davidson stated: “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business … death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic.”

That figure was confirmed by The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, which reported a 41% rise in death claims in 2021.

OneAmerica is a massive insurance company, with approximately $97.7 billion under administration. Insurance companies have a pecuniary interest in accurately assessing mortality. They keep a close watch on total mortality because it affects directly the money that they must pay out in life insurance claims and it directly affects the premiums they charge. They are experts in total mortality.

I did some calculations that suggest that the 40% increase in U.S. mortality during 2021 announced by the insurance company is probably caused by the deaths from the COVID-19 vaccines. That is an increase in mortality in 2021 over 2020 when 2020 should have had a massive mortality increase from COVID-19 compared to 2019. But there was no such increase in mortality in 2020. Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Hopkins, analyzed the effect of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths using data from the CDC. She found that there was zero increase in deaths across the United States between 2018 and 2020. That suggests that the COVID-19 scare was not real. It makes no sense that 2020 should show zero increase in mortality and 2021 should show a 40% increase in mortality when the same alleged COVID-19 pandemic spanned both years. Thus, the increase in the death rate in 2021 can only be attributed to the vaccine, since that is the only material variable that changed for 2021.

As of December 31, 2021, 21,382 deaths in the U.S. have been associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. The VAERS data shows correlation and cannot be taken as proof of causation. But a strong inference of causation can be drawn when the deaths happen close to the onset of illness after vaccination. Megan Redshaw determined that 41% of those reported in VAERS as dying after receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines later died after becoming ill within 48 hours of injection. We will consider that as establishing a reasonable belief that the COVID-19 vaccines were the cause of the deaths. Thus, we come up with a conservative figure of 8,766 persons we have probable cause to believe died from the COVID-19 vaccine as reported in VAERS.

An HHS-funded study reported that the VAERS database is only catching 1% of all vaccine-related adverse events. This means that each of the above numbers can be multiplied by 100 to get the true scope of the damage being done by the COVID-19 vaccines. That means that the 8,766 figure representing the number of deaths caused by the vaccines represents 876,600 deaths.

There are 329 million people in the United States.

Data from 2019 showed a mortality rate of 0.87% in the United States. That means that it could be expected that out of 329 million people, one could expect that 2,862,300 people would die. If you add the 876,600 deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccines, we come up with an expected increase in deaths from the COVID-19 vaccines in 2021 of 30%. This 30% figure is close to the 40% figure arrived at by the insurance companies. The disparity may be due to the conservative assumption that vaccines caused only 41% of the VAERS deaths associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. The actual causation percentage is likely much higher.

Steve Kirsch looked at the mortality data and found that there have been 187,000 excess deaths from persons between 17 and 65 years old when were not expected to die. That was a 40% increase from the expected death rate. The rise in deaths began after the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines. Kirsch reported that there were fewer COVID deaths in 2021 than in 2020. That may be true, but the liars at the CDC report that in 2021 there were 447,130 deaths “involving” COVID-19, whereas in 2020 there were 385,443 deaths “involving” COVID-19.

Please note that the CDC is reporting: “All deaths involving COVID-19.” That means that the CDC statistics reprort when someone died with COVID-19; the CDC stastics do not mean that the person died from from COVID-19. The CDC has posted the following information under the heading of “Comorbidities.”

Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The number of deaths that mention one or more of the conditions indicated is shown for all deaths involving COVID-19 and by age groups. For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death. For data on deaths involving COVID-19 by time-period, jurisdiction, and other health conditions.

Comorbidity is defined as the simultaneous presence of two or more chronic diseases or conditions in a patient. The CDC has reported that 95% percent of people whom they have reported who have died of COVID-19 in the U.S. were suffering from an average of 4 chronic diseases or conditions in addition to COVID-19. Thus, the statistical total of 447,130 deaths in 2021 from COVID-19 reported by the CDC does not mean that the decedents making up that total actually died from COVID-19. The reported people dying “with” COVID-19 are being misrepresented as people who died “from” COVID-19.

The CDC misrepresents the total COVID-19 deaths by implying (without actually saying so) that the total COVID-19 deaths that they are reporting are caused by COVID-19.  The main headline on the webpage states: “United States COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by State.” Under that heading, the CDC presents the deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. under the banner “TOTAL DEATHS.” That clearly implies that the number is the total deaths from COVID-19. Any reader will think the deaths listed are from COVID-19. But that is not true. The CDC is misleading the public.

Another CDC website page contains a subheading: “Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).” The chart describes “Total Deaths” as “All Deaths involving COVID-19.” One would think that they are listing people who died because of COVID-19, but that is not the case. The CDC statistics are a scam.

The CDC implies that the statistics are of those persons whose death was “caused” by COVID-19. But close reading indicates that the statistics are reporting a very different reality. What is revealed beneath the headlines in the chart is that the actual deaths caused by COVID-19 are a fraction of the reported number. For mor information read the following article: The COVID-19 Comorbidity Scam of the CDC

Scott Davidson realized that the increase of 40% mortality for those 17 to 65 years old could not be explained by the COVID deaths. He said: “The deaths being reported as COVID deaths greatly understate the actual death rates of working aged people from the pandemic.” Davidson attributes the unaccounted for dead as a statistical insufficiency, when in fact, the 40% increase in mortality is explained by the intruduction of the COVID-19 vaccines in 2021.

Thus the actual statistics for those who died from COVID-19 should be reported as 5% of the numbers reported by the CDC. That 5% calculation would result in the following:

2020: 19,272 Deaths in U.S. “from” COVID-19.

2021: 22,357 Deaths in U.S. “from” COVID-19.

That represents a total increase of 3,084 additional deaths “from” COVID-19 in 2021 compared to 2020. The 3,084 total deaths “from” COVID-19 for all age groups do not explain the massive increase of 40% in deaths in the U.S.

On average, each year, 3 million people die from all causes in the U.S. Kirsch opines that the 40% increase in deaths in 2021 over 2020 can only be due to the COVID-19 vaccines. Taking out the first quarter of 2021 as a ramp-up to vaccination and counting only quarters 2, 3, and 4 of 2021, with a 40% increase in deaths, there were 900,000 increased deaths in 2021 over 2020 attributed to the COVID-19 vaccines. Kirsch calculated that for quarters 2, 3, and 4 of 2021, there were 187,000 additional deaths from those in the 17 to 65 year old age bracket caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.

If one accepts the death rate reported by the CDC, it would mean that 2020 should have resulted in a 34% rise in deaths from COVID-19 compared to 2019. But there was no increase in the death rate from 2019 to 2020. That means the COVID-19 pandemic was a scam. And the increase in deaths were only manifested once the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled-out in 2021 and started really killing people to the tune of 40% over the baseline of deaths in 2020.

Indeed, in a Johns Hopkins News-Letter dated November 22, 2020, “Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Hopkins, critically analyzed the effect of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

She found that there was zero increase in deaths across the United States between 2018 and 2020. She determined that “the percentages of deaths among all age groups remain relatively the same.” She thus concluded that COVID-19 “has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.”

Briand was puzzled because the CDC had reported an increase in deaths due to solely to COVID-19. Thus, there should have been an increase in total deaths reported to the CDC. But there was no such increase.

What could be the explanation? When Briand examined the death statistics from the CDC, she made the disturbing discovery that deaths from heart disease, respiratory disease, influenza, and pneumonia dropped during the COVID-19 outbreak. She saw in the statistics that deaths were being shifted from those other categories to COVID-19. “Briand believes that deaths due to heart diseases, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia may instead be recategorized as being due to COVID-19.” Yanni Gu, A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19, Johns Hopkins News-Letter, November 22, 2020,

Well, the powers that be could not allow Briand’s article to reveal that truth. And so the article was retracted. The reason given was that Johns Hopkins was concerned that the article “has been used to support dangerous inaccuracies that minimize the impact of the pandemic.” 

For more information on Briand’s article read: Retracted Johns Hopkins Article Proves COVID-19 Death Statistics From the CDC are Manipulated

Kirsch looked at the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data, which showed deaths of 2,156 in 2021 for those between 17 and 65 years old associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. Kirsch assumed an under-reporting ratio of 41 times. That under-reporting ratio explained 87,000 of the deaths for the age group 17 to 65 years old.

Kirsch’s 41-times under-reporting ratio was an erroneous ratio. The VAERS database suffers from a systemic flaw that is known to HHS. That flaw is that the VAERS database underreports the vaccine adverse events not by 41 times, but by a factor of 100. A Harvard study of the VAERS database that was commissioned by HHS revealed that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.” Id. at 6. That statistical finding in the Harvard study has been confirmed to be accurate in a subsequent scientific study.

Kirsch’s 41 times under-reporting rate is the reason that his excess mortality does not match the VAERS deaths. He should have used a 100 times under-reporting ratio. Indeed, Kirsch admitted the possibility that “my URF of 41 is underestimating deaths by a factor of 2.15.” Kirsch concludes that the only possible explanation for the 40% increase in mortality is the COVID-19 vaccines.

When the more accurate under-reporting factor of 100 is applied to the VAERS statistics for deaths of persons 17 to 65 years old (2,156) we find that the COVID-19 vaccines are associated with 215,600 deaths. That figure comes much closer to explaining the 187,000 excess deaths for 2021 as measured up to the date of December 24, 2021.

The following article was posted on January 11, 2021, on the 21st Century Newswire.

Leading US life insurer OneAmerica has hinted that we may be sitting on a time bomb of excess mortality following the roll-out of the emergency experimental COVID-19 gene-jab.   

“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business … death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic,” says Scott Davidson, CEO of OneAmerica.

New data suggests that the number of working age people (18 to 64) are dying at a rate 40% higher than pre-pandemic rates, as well as a dramatic uptick in disability claims. Other key data points include: 

  • Hospitalizations in Indiana are also higher than before the COVID shots were rolled out in 2021, and the highest they’ve been in five years
  • The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India also reports a 41% rise in death claims in 2021
  • COVID-19 deaths were significantly lower in 2021 than 2020, so COVID-19 can be ruled out as the cause for this historical rise in excess deaths and disabilities. Right now, the most probable cause is the experimental COVID jabs

Are we witnessing a a disturbing trend here?

Dr Joseph Mercola reports…

What’s Killing Younger Healthy Americans?

Since COVID-19 isn’t killing younger, healthy Americans, what is? What changed in 2021 that might have such a devastating effect on people’s health? Well, the most obvious change is that more than 100 million Americans got the experimental COVID shots, and doctors and scientists have elucidated several mechanisms by which these gene transfer technologies might injure or kill. As reported by vaccine safety blogger Steve Kirsch:6

“Normally death rates don’t change at all. They are very stable. It would take something REALLY BIG to have an effect this big. The effect size is 12-sigma.7 That is an event that would happen by pure chance every 2.832 years. That’s very rare. It’s basically never.

The universe is only 14 billion years old which is 1.413. In other words, the event that happened is not a statistical ‘fluke.’ Something caused a very big change … Whatever it is that is causing this, it is bigger and deadlier than COVID and it’s affecting nearly everyone.”

Kirsch lists 14 clues as to what this deadly “something” might be, including the following:8

• The rise in deaths began after the rollout of the COVID shots
• It’s primarily working age people (18 to 64) who are dying
• There are more excess deaths than any time in history, which suggests they’re caused by a novel threat
• COVID deaths have significantly diminished, so COVID-19 can be ruled out
• People are dying from a wide variety of causes, so most pathogens can be ruled out
• To get an effect size this high, the lethal agent must affect massive numbers of people. “It is something new affecting at least half the population,” Kirsch writes, “like a new mandated vaccine for example”
• Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has been, and continues to, push to get everyone injected
• Since other life insurance companies are seeing the same trend, the causative factor is national in scope
• The dramatic rise in disabilities suggests that many who aren’t killed by this novel threat are seriously injured, often long-term. As mentioned, doctors and scientists have detailed several mechanisms of action by which the COVID shots can maim or kill

Adverse Events May Be More Underreported Than Calculated

Kirsch continues:9

“We know that about 3M people die a year in the U.S.10 75% are over 65 years old, so that leaves us with 750K deaths per year for under 65. If that jumped by 40% from pre-pandemic levels in Q3 and Q4, we should assume that Q2 was the ramp up period (we’ll assume a linear ramp up in Q2).

So that is 75K deaths per quarter for Q3 and Q4 and half of that, 37K deaths in Q2. So that means roughly 187K excess deaths are probably happening for ages 18-64 due to some new cause.”

He then goes on to compare that rough estimate of 187,000 excess deaths to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) which, as of the December 24, 2021, data release, included 2,156 deaths between the ages of 17 and 65.

Subtracting the background death rate of 40 from 2,156, multiplied by Kirsch’s calculated underreporting factor (URF) of 4111 gives us 87,000 deaths. In other words, assuming vaccine injuries are underreported by a factor of 41, the real death toll from the COVID jab would be 87,000. However, that’s 100,000 short of the 187,000 excess death rate calculated above.

This means “either there is another effect at play which is actually killing more people 18 to 64 than the vaccine is, (unlikely but possible),” Kirsch writes, or “my URF of 41 is underestimating deaths by a factor of 2.15.” Kirsch is not alone in suspecting the novel COVID shots are the causative factor for this dramatic rise in excess deaths.

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