Was a Stagehand Inadvertently Caught on Camera During the Filming of the Moon Landing Hoax?

A YouTube user named rudbrbs uploaded a video, which I first saw on or before 2016. The video caused quite a stir. The video shows the two astronauts supposedly on the moon when suddenly a third man, a stagehand, appears in the video frame. In his YouTube post, rudbrbs stated that he found the video in a safe after his grandfather (a NASA employee) died.  Some time thereafter, rudbrbs reposted the video with the following statement: “I am rudbrbs, aka Svector. This is my video and it is a fake.” He claimed that he added the figure seen in the film using a green screen. He also posted a video of the alleged green screen figure he used.

Rudbrbs claimed that he posted the video as a social experiment to see how gullible people were. The problem with his explanation is that another YouTuber named gmoore49 analyzed the video and determined that the green screen figure alleged to have been used by rudbrbs does not match what is seen in the video. If you look closely, you will faintly see that the figure in the video is being ushered off the screen by another person. That second person is missing from the green screen figure. Was rudbrbs paid a visit by official government types and persuaded to undermine his original explanation of the video?

Strangely, shortly after gmoore49’s video analysis appeared, rudbrb deleted his video and his channel from YouTube. Rudbrbs video was once posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHGwY2zu3Mg

Below is gmoore49’s analysis of the video.

I tracked down the original video posted by rudburbs and sent it to an expert videographer to find out if the original video has any alteration or green screen overlay. He examined the footage and rendered the following opinion:

It’s all original levels. No compositing done. So the levels are 8 – 188 this is a very limited range and everything is in this range.

Another issue I did not realize before but saw immediately when I worked on the original clip on the timeline is speed and angle they are the same for astonauts and the man. In other words the camera was not level when they filmed this so if someone composited a luma key image overlay he would have had to get all these aspects to match perfectly.

The footage is original clean no composite overlay.

Below are the images the expert sent memorializing his findings that there is no composite overlay on the video.

Below is the original video posted by rudbrbs (aka, Svector).

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