Hillary Clinton Caught Accepting an $18 Million Bribe

Patrick Byrne, the billionaire former CEO of Overstock.com, reveals how he worked with the FBI to arrange an $18 million bribe to Hillary Clinton from a foreign government. Byrne would not reveal the foreign government behind the bribe but the FBI told him on or about December 1, 2015, that Hillary Clinton had already accepted a $20 million bribe from Turkey. On January 14, 2016, Hillary Clinton accepted the $18 million bribe during the FBI sting. But the shadow government decided that the bribe was more valuable as leverage against Hillary after she (as was expected) was elected President in 2016. And so they decided not to prosecute her.

Patrick Byrne, Former CEO of Overstock.com, Set Up Hillary Clinton to Accept an $18 million Bribe in an FBI Sting

The Twitter account of the interviewer, Ann Vancersteel, to which the original interview was posted has been suspended.

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  1. The Sh*tty Swamp is so Deep! Obama is a deep state puppet, so did Peter S. The one with lover Lisa?! WTH! On a positive note: God has intervened!
    Where’s Peter now?!

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