Keep Local Control of the Police

Officer Clay Higgins Explains What it Really Means to Be a Local Cop

The Testimony of Clay Higgins, a Real Street Cop

This is the local policing that Antifa and Black Lives Matter want stopped because they want anarchy that will have people clamoring for order. The communist agitators in the BLM movement will guide the plan for order toward federal policing. The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reserves the general police power to the states. The federal government has limited police power, not general police power. General police power in the hands of the federal government is a necessary step on the road to tyranny.

That is the whole purpose of the BLM movement. BLM is putting into practice the motto of secret societies: Oro Ad Chao (Order Out of Chaos). They are ultimately working toward a New World Order. First, there must be chaos. It is out of that chaos that they will bring jackboot order that will be controlled by technocrats from far-off Washington, D.C.

The true-believers in the BLM movement are considered by their controllers to be “useful idiots.” Once the overlords institute the order phase of their plan and clamp down, the “useful idiots” will be rounded up and silenced. That has been the pattern in all Satanically inspired revolutions. The French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution are just two examples. Once the revolutionists came to power the “useful idiots” were rounded-up and imprisoned or executed.

The sociopaths who are behind the BLM movement and know its real objectives must maintain a false facade of legitimacy. But the “useful idiots” will eventually become flies in the ointment. The “useful idiots” will inevitably discover the goings-on behind the scenes. They will have learned the real objectives and have become disenchanted. The “useful idiots” cannot be allowed to speak freely. They must be silenced because they know too much.

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