Fitness Influencer Dies After COVID-19 Vaccinations

Fitness influencer Joe Lindner, who goes by the pseudonym “Joesthetics, revealed in a June 8, 2023, podcast interview with Bradley Martyn that he received four COVID-19 vaccine injections. He explained in the interview that after his vaccinations, he went to his doctor for blood tests, and a nurse taking his blood discovered a strange white globule in his blood. His doctor then found other unusual dark particles in his blood. He learned that such blood anomalies are symptoms of blood contamination caused by the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. He immediately had his blood cleaned twice through plasmapheresis. Apparently, the plasmapheresis did not work because, within a month of the interview, Joe Lindner died from an aneurysm on July 1, 2023. He was 30 years old.

There has been a virtual blackout about the COVID-19 vaccines causing Lindner’s death. It is not even discussed in the media outlets. A video on YouTube recounting his life concluded that his death from the aneurysm was not from steroids. But the video did not opine on what could be the cause. The video went into great detail about Linder’s medical treatments and steroid use. Notably, the video made no mention that Lindner got four COVID-19 vaccines or that he discovered strange anomalies in his blood after he was vaccinated. When I posed the following questions in the comment section with a link to his interview with Bradley Martyn, my comment was removed within seconds of it being posted.

Why do you not tell the viewers the cause of his aneurysm? Is it because YouTube will not allow you to reveal that it was caused by the COVID-19 vaccine?

YouTube video documenting Joe Lindner’s life and death The video went into great detail about his physical health, including steroid use. But strangely the video made no mention of Lindner getting four COVID-19 vaccine injections or the scary anomalies Lindner discovered in his blood tests after he got those injections.
Joe Lindner’s June 8, 2023, podcast interview with Bradley Martyn, during which he revealed that he got four COVID-19 vaccine injections that resulted in strange anomalies in his blood less than one month before Lindner’s death.

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