Fire Captain Says That Lahaina Was Immolated by Directed Energy Weapons

Matt Dakin, a retired fire captain with 33 years of experience is convinced that Lahaina was immolated by directed energy weapons. He sees the same evidence of directed energy that he has seen in the October 2017 Tubbs immolation and the November 2018 Paradise immolation. He was able to personally examine those scenes and he noticed the same anomalies in Lahaina that he witnessed at Tubbs and Paradise. Mr. Dankin stated the following:

Fires that I’ve been to in the past, you could always tell where the kitchen had been, or the bathrooms were because there was the shell of the oven and the stove were there. The toilets were still there. But after the Tubbs fire [in October 2017] it was down to nothing. While at the same time most of the trees were still up. So that was unbelievable. So, at that point, that was not natural. … We started studying directed energy weapons. And we realized that that would explain what we were seeing. Like a microwave, the way a microwave heats things up. If you stick metal in the microwave, it’s going to have a much greater, a more explosive effect, than a pile of twigs. And that’s what this looked like. That’s what we were seeing.

One thing that that we noticed was I think they may have realized they overplayed their hand with the [October 2017] Tubbs fire, and I think they scaled back to make it look more natural [for the [November 2018 Paradise fire] because you could tell [in Paradise] where the kitchen was and then and the bathrooms were, and there there there were toilets there, and so it looked more natural. Although in one sense it looked more natural, there wasn’t total down to powder like it was in the Tubbs fire, but it was totally unnatural in the sense that in there wasn’t total down to powder like it was in the Tubbs fire, but it was totally unnatural in the sense that up there you’d have these neighborhoods, I guess and they would be separated by forest, and then to another neighborhood and that neighborhood would be devastated. [They were] devastated to the point where there were trailer parks where they were on I beams. The I beams were melted. So they’re resting on I beams, which is heavy metal, but [under] the bottom of these trailers, and they were completely melted. Heat goes up. [Under the trailer is] where you’re going to get the least amount of heat. That’s usually the safest place. And they were completely melted. And then the forest would be okay; it would still be standing there. And then the next community [was] completely devastated again, not down to powder, but gone, everything gone.

The hottest a forest fire would ever get is 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. In like manner, the hottest a house fire can get is 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. When porcelain toilets are made they are fired in a kiln at temperatures between 2,381 and 2,455 degrees Fahrenheit (1,305 degrees and 1,346 Celsius). It is impossible for a toilet to be immolated in a house fire. Oddly, in the Tubbs immolation, Dakin reports that the toilets were destroyed, but not by melting. There was nothing there. The toilets turned to dust. That is evidence of directed energy weapon use, where high-energy microwaves are used to break the molecular bonds in the material. The microwaves cause heat, but the heat is not the cause of the destruction.

That is the same phenomenon we saw during the destruction of the WTC towers on 9/11/2001. Directed energy weapons were deployed to destroy the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11. Notice how WTC2 is turning into dust in midair. High-energy electromagnetic microwaves were breaking the molecular bonds of the building’s structure.  Read Dr. Judy Wood’s analysis of the evidence proving that directed energy weapons were used. She calls the process of destruction by directed energy, “dustification.”

WTC 2 Turning to Dust From Directed Energy Weapon Attack

I explain the deployment of directed energy weaponry in my book, 9/11-Enemies Foreign and Domestic.

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