Telltale Evidence That Lahaina Was Destroyed By Directed Energy Weapons

Directed energy weapons involve a range of focused energy technologies, including, but not limited to, lasers, microwaves, sound beams, and particle beams. Directed energy weapons were deployed to destroy the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11. I explain their use in my book, 9/11-Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Read Dr. Judy Wood’s analysis of the evidence proving that directed energy weapons were used.

The principal organization for the development and implementation of directed energy weapons in the U.S. is the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFLR) Directed Energy Directorate. It just so happens that Maui is the location for one of two major sites for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFLR) Directed Energy Directorate. The other major location is Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico. You read that correctly; within 40 miles of Lahaina on the Island of Maui is located the Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing (AMOS) site, which is part of the AFLR Directed Energy Directorate. The AFLR states “the Directorate develops and transitions technologies in four core technical competencies: laser systems, high power electromagnetics, weapons modeling and simulation, and directed energy and electro-optics for space superiority.”

Also located at the 10,023-foot summit of Haleakala on the island of Maui, Hawaii, is the 15th Space Surveillance Squadron (15 SPSS). The 15 SPSS operates the AFRL experimental directed energy weapons. And it does so from the summit of Haleakala overlooking Maui. Haleakala is the perfect location to control directed energy weapons targeting Lahaina. The AFRL explains:

The two classes of DE [directed energy] weapons, high-energy lasers and high-powered microwave systems, give the Air Force the capability to engage targets at substantial ranges with precision and reduced collateral damage. In high-energy laser systems, rather than using a kinetic weapon as a bullet or a bomb, a laser beam creates an effect on [a] target. High-powered microwave systems transmit short, extremely high power burst[s] of energy to create a wide range of effects on a target, often electronics.

Lahaina became a target of one of the AFLR’s directed energy “operational missions” on August 8, 2023. Proof can be found in the rubble. Directed energy has certain characteristics that are unlike a fire. They leave behind telltale evidence. For example, microwave directed energy weapons cause molecular destruction of materials that absorb microwaves; wood remains unfazed because wood absorbs very little microwave radiation. That is why we notice that in Lahaina there are trees with branches and foliage that remained unscathed by fire while surrounded by immolated buildings. It is similar to how you can put a paper plate in a microwave oven without concern that it will catch fire. But if you put aluminum foil into that same microwave oven, it will quickly begin to spark and burst into flames. The cover story that Lahaina was destroyed by wildfire is impeached by the fact that the trees remain standing among the rubble. The trees are silent testimony that accidental wildfires did not destroy Lahaina; directed energy weapons were employed to do the job. This was criminal genocide.

Another kind of directed energy weapon is a laser. A laser is an energy beam that destroys an object by heating it on contact. But because the beam is light, it can only burn things outside its light spectrum. Thus, a blue laser will burn items that are not within the blue light spectrum, but the laser will not harm items that fall within the blue light spectrum of the beam.

Notice in the picture taken below the blue T-shirts and their price tags attached with strings survived the alleged fire that destroyed the building. A hydrocarbon fire in the atmosphere burns at a maximum temperature of 1,517°F; 825°C. Paper ignites at the relatively low temperature of 451°F; 233°C. T-shirts are typically made of a blend of cotton and polyester. Polyester burns at 923° F; 485° C. Cotton burns at 734° F; 390° C. Those temperatures are well below the fire that was necessary to burn down the entire surrounding building. Indeed, even the tables upon which the shirts were found collapsed and suffered severe damage. It is impossible that the T-shirts survived an alleged fire. That is because the destruction of the building was not by fire. It was by directed energy weapons using both blue lasers and microwaves. The shirts survived because they were blue, and the paper price tags survived because the blue T-shirts shielded the paper from the blue laser and the paper did not absorb the microwave radiation used by the microwave directed energy weapon. If the building was immolated by a wildfire, as alleged, the T-shirts and price tags would have been completely burned to ashes.

Notice how all the steel structures are covered with a film of rust within a day of their destruction. That rust film is a telltale sign of a directed energy weapon.

Notably, the T-Shirts were blue. A blue laser will not damage blue-colored items. That would also explain why many blue objects survived the destruction of Lahaina. For example, the umbrellas outside Tommy Bahama survived, although they were surrounded by destroyed cars because they were blue and absorbed the light from the blue laser.

It is notable that U.S. President Biden, the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, was utterly silent about the conflagration. The media did not even have an opportunity to ask him about it until Sunday, August 13, 2023, at which time he responded with “no comment.” Think about that for a moment. An entire city is destroyed, and the media does not even have access to the President of the United States to ask him about it until five days later. And President Biden’s response is an incriminating “no comment!” Who, President or not, responds to a tragedy where it is known that hundreds have died and thousands are missing and presumed dead with “no comment?” I will tell you who. A person who is part of the conspiracy that committed the tragedy. That is the kind of statement made by someone guilty of a crime! 

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  1. What possible T-shirt could survive the temperatures of a store burning down? What proof did you have these photos were not staged?

    • You asked: “What possible T-shirt could survive the temperatures of a store burning down?” This is precisely the issue I am raising. I answered that by explaining that the store did not burn down. The store was attacked by directed energy weapons. Heat was generated by the molecular destruction of the store but the heat from a fire is not what destroyed the store. There was a completely different destructive process happening. The surviving T-shirts are evidence of that.

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