Japan Ministry of Health Pulls Millions of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Vials After They React to Magnets

reported on August 26, 2021, that the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare has pulled 1.6 million vials of the Moderna vaccine from circulation in Japan because the vaccine was found to contain a substance that reacts to magnets.

The article states that “Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Thursday afternoon that he had instructed the ministry to look into the case with safety as the top priority.”

Some suggest the vials could have been contaminated with some kind of metal. But Tyler Durden, reporting for Zero Hedge, states that “[s]ome believe the reported magnetism can be explained by graphene oxide, a magnetic nanoparticle studied for its use as a drug delivery platform and other biomedical applications.”

Indeed, graphene oxide has been studied as an ingredient for use in hydrogels. Hydrogels are used to protect the otherwise fragile mRNA in the COVID-19 vaccines. One of the characteristics of graphene oxide is that when it is stacked and twisted, it develops a rare form of magnetism.

Angus Liu reported on February 17, 2021. for Fierce Biotech, that “Scientists at China’s National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) have designed a hydrogel to deliver an mRNA vaccine with an immune-stimulating adjuvant.”

China’s National Center for Nanoscience reported that their new hydrogel contains … wait for it … graphene oxide.  Liu reported:

[T]he NCNST team designed a hydrogel with graphene oxide and low-weight polyethyleneimine. The graphene oxide can efficiently load drug substances thanks to its large surface area, and the polyethyleneimine binds the mRNA content for translation.

The article by Liu was written on the day that the NCNST published their findings about the efficacy of their graphene oxide infused hydrogel, February 17, 2021. But certainly, the use of graphene oxide was likely already incorporated into the COVID-19 vaccines. Do not forget that communist countries are parasitic. They steal technology developed by the west. The alleged development by the NCNST of hydrogel using graphene oxide was in all likelihood reverse engineering of that technology developed by Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and others.

On September 27, 2020, the Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology Co Ltd filed a patent application for the use of a graphene oxide in a COVID-19 vaccine. The patent says:

The invention discloses a brand-new vaccine development method based on a graphene oxide material serving as a framework for loading CpG molecules and recombinant proteins. Based on the technical platform, a new nano new crown vaccine is prepared by combining the recombinant protein of the RBD region of the Spike protein of the SAR-CoV-2.

Dr. Robert Young wrote a report about his use of advanced microscopy to find graphene oxide in the COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer–BioNTech, Moderna, Astrazeneca, and Janssen.

Poisonous Graphene Oxide Found in COVID-19 Vaccines

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  1. The University of Almería in Andalusia Spain has also detected graphene. It has a complaint website with the title “the fifth column”. Thank you for your submission.

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