Leaked Documents Prove Adrenochrome Harvesting

Please dear readers understand this is a horrific discovery that you will find distressing. I tried to share this information via direct email but was given notice that the email was blocked by many of the recipient servers. I tried to resend the email with only the links to the documents below with the word “adrenochrome” deleted from the body and title of the email, only to find that email was also blocked. It seems that the servers recognized the links to the documents and were programmed to block any emails containing those links.
Emails About Adrenochrome Blocked by Recipient Servers
It seems odd that the companies running the servers would know to block an email with links to these documents but the powerful interests that can do that did not delete the documents from the internet archive. They may have realized that the internet archive is not the only source for the documents and thought it would only serve to authenticate the documents to have them removed from the internet archive. In any event, blocking my emails with those links necessitates me posting this information on my blog. In the event that the internet archive is purged of those documents, the files are attached below.

The documents at the links below purport to be leaked lists of victims of adrenochrome harvesting, alleged identities of accomplices, and other details. The documents speak for themselves.

The documents were apparently deleted from the internet but can be downloaded from the internet archive. I have not established the authenticity of the documents. But I find it hard to believe that someone would go through all that trouble to create phony documents of this kind. The documents appear to be scans of hard copies. They can be found at the internet archive links below.


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